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‘When I ask, you will speak!’

The sun god was the biggest bully. He thought his sunny disposition allowed him the liberty to push the other weather gods around.

But he alone didn’t harbor this misconception. The wind god was only a step behind him.

‘Can’t you hear? He’s talking to you.’

The target was the sleet god. The insignificant one. Neither rain nor snow but a messy mixture of the two. The unwanted weakling who was even hated by the mortals.

‘I don’t know how this happened. Some mix up in the schedule?’

Though consistently taunted and badgered, the sleet god was the least bit intimidated. His icy exterior deflected the remarks, his tone tired and disinterested.

‘Coffee anyone? Hahahaha.’

It was the snow god, standing with a pot and five cups, pristine and elegant as always.

‘Oh come on now. Tell me you want some.’

The words were for everyone, but the soft purr and batting eyelashes were for the sun god, the radiant one.’

‘Pour me a strong one. I hate my life.’

The rain god had spoken, his daily words of wisdom, the never-ending turmoil residing in his red eyes.

‘Sure sweety. One cup for my depressed baby.’

‘Hey snowflake! I’ll take one too.’

The sun god avoided direct eye contact, but he felt the snow god’s eyes all over him, and he muttered to himself.

‘What a weirdo.’

The snow god faked the biggest frown.

‘I heard that. But I forgive you. Hahahaha.’

Steaming hot cups of coffee, five gods perched upon the clouds, sipping and sighing, thinking and waiting.’

‘You’ll be punished for disobeying.’

The wind god could never stop huffing and puffing, his moaning voice poking the sleet god, a threat that was as sturdy as his gusty nature.

‘Watch your mouth before I freeze it shut.’

The rebuttal was tough and unexpected. Sleet was sick of the macho bullshit.

How could the sun god keep out of a stewing fight?

‘You two, shut up! I give the orders around here!’

No one expected the rain god to emerge and steal the spotlight.

‘I hate this fighting. Can’t take it anymore. I’m going to jump.’

Down fell the rain, his screams swallowed by the thundering clouds.

‘That stupid idiot! I’m going to blow some sense into him.’

The wind god descended, his squalls of rage blasting the rain.

The sleet god saw this as a chance to flee and dropped off the edge of the cloud.

The sun and snow stared at each other, one regretting the moment, the other blushing from excitement.

‘Hey! Wait for me!’

The sun was gone in a matter of seconds. That left the snow god alone pouring himself another cup. He needed the extra caffeine to compete with the others. Three large gulps and then a twirly bounce sent him spinning downwards.

Britta Benson, an unsuspecting mortal, looked out her window at the crazy weather. Rain, wind, sleet, sunshine, snow, all together, barely lasting for even five minutes. She sighed and took an unusually large sip of her coffee, a stray thought lingered in her mind – maybe the weather gods need some coffee. If only she knew…

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33 Comments on “The Weather Gods Need Coffee – Flash Fiction Story

  1. Ha, ha, what a way to start my weekend, Terveen. I love this story. I am so glad you gave those weather gods a voice. All I can add, really, is that you must keep the sleet god in his place. He’s raging havoc in my little part of Scotland this morning. But now that I know what’s going on up there, I’m ever so slightly more lenient. I might offer the poor wee soul a sip of my rocket fuel espresso. Great story, Terveen! Now I can walk around telling everyone that I’m a muse, full and proper! Like I said before… Everyone needs a Terveen!

    • Haha! I’m delighted, elated, and relieved that this story idea is out of me. I’m sure you know, Britta, how ideas can pick, nag, and suck the life out of you. So demanding! And thanks for cutting the sleet god some slack, he’s been having a hard time up there. And you are forever my muse – Britta bright and inspiring. To more thoughtful exchanges and their ‘where did that come from’ outcomes. Thanks! 🙂

      • May we keep inspiring one another! There are a lot of positive, creative vibes travelling between India to Scotland… The weather gods will be very pleased with us.

  2. Something tells me that a good administration is necessary, both for humans & Gods of diff. weather. Haha.
    As of now, it’s the “winter God” with the cold havoc in Northern India.
    Such a beautiful narration.
    Keep going.

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  4. Coffee, i didn’t knew even the Gods love it! I can feel everything you wrote, experiencing rains for the past two days with temperatures plummeting around 5 and no sight of the sun here in Dehradun. He should have been the first to to sip the magical beverage. Beautiful concoction of imagination, imagery and words, loved it 👍 👌

    • If only the cold would just go away! Haha! It’s freezing here in Chandigarh too. I guess rain in the winter can only evoke some melancholy. Keep that cup of coffee or tea near, Deepak. Thank you so much for the kind and warm words. 🙂

  5. That’s the best ending of all time. Laughed hard enough for tears. I felt you going in that direction, and then you did, with that awesome human reflection at the end. Awesome write, Terveen. Loved it. ☺️

  6. Wow, I think we have just experienced this celestial congregation and squabbling in the last two weeks when there are rain, snow, sleet, wind, and even ocean tides mixed together. The weather gods are quite cunning and know how to play politics. It’s as chaotic as the human society. What a wonderful story. It is so enjoyable and inspiring too.

    • It’s probably too much coffee. Gets the weather gods all riled up. Haha! It’s so bad to have such an unpleasant mix of weather. Do you think the gods will listen to our requests to calm down? Not if they’re stuck in sticky politics. No one can save them or us then. Thanks so much, Haoyan! 🙂

  7. Yay, Terveen! What a fun tale! Your caffeinated wit really shown through in this one.. Now I finally understand why the weather is so screwed up sometimes. Out of all the weather gods, I dislike the wind god the most. Man, that dude blows… (a joke, get it?) 😀

    • Lol. I don’t like the wind god either. There are just too many airs to him. A (bad) joke. Haha! At least I tried. The afternoon coffee is still working. Thanks so much, Mike. Your comments are always lively and fun. 🙂

  8. A great read to start the week. I love the idea of Weather Gods all sitting around mulling mayhem over a coffee. A very modern and excellent uptake of old mythologies.

    • Thank you so much, Davy. I guess coffee can’t be resisted and the weather gods are having more than they can handle. Poor mortals have to suffer. Haha. 🙂

  9. I’d quietly slip in and add a teeny dash of sleeping potion in the rain God’s cup! He ought to sleep for I have had enough of his downpour this season.
    In a serious note, what a wonderful story. I love the imagination.

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