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Two sisters attend their mother’s funeral.

One’s in her senses, the other is mostly not.

What happens when that sister oversteps the boundaries of normal?

There can only be chaos and frustration.

Read ahead and click the blue link to witness the mayhem. Enjoy!

She’s at it again. Why did my mother even have her? One kid was enough. Why the second? Because I had to suffer. She was supposed to be my playmate, a companion, but that’s not what happened. Her name’s Maggie and she’s out to destroy herself. Twenty-two years and she’s learned nothing from them. My […]

How to Stop Maggie’s Bullshit by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

29 Comments on “How to Stop Maggie’s Bullshit by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores // Flash Fiction

  1. Loved this one, Terveen! Maggie’s craziness is on a surreal level. I have some weird relatives but I think Mags takes the cake. Well done, Terveen. 🙂

    • Lol. Thanks so much, Mike. Maggie is definitely in a world of her own. It’s sad and also funny. I wonder how some just never seem to get their act together. Like Maggie’s mother suggested – not made right. 🙂

  2. I loved this story too. Sisters! Never had the pleasure, I only have a big brother, but all my best friends in primary school had sisters and I always envied them soooooo much for it. Maybe having a brother isn’t that bad after all… Great story, Terveen. I could picture the scene vividly! You always pack such a punch into very few words. That’s Terveen precision.

    • Thanks so much, Britta. I appreciate the new term coined – Terveen precision. We might need to record these into some wild and whacky phrase-terms book. And I have two sisters. I’m the middle one. I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother. Oh well…too late now. Or is it? Haha!

  3. The siblings, amidst such a stiff background, death; and the reader is still laughing and trying to figure out whts wrong with Maggie, awesomely written 👍

    • Thank you so much, Deepak. Could be my weird experiences in life, but I think ‘crazy’ or ‘unexplainable’ always evokes some sort of laughter – maybe the nervous type. 🙂

  4. Yes, I would love a nice sister, which I never have. However your story of Maggie cured me of that thought–what if she’s a sister like Maggie. I mean I already had my crazy parents to deal with. A crazy sister on top of that? I wish that in an ideal world, people can choose relatives just like they can do with friends. I can enumerate wonderful friends who I would love to be my sisters.

    • Now that’s a beautiful thought, Haoyan. Not related by blood but related by heart. What could be better? And crazy seems to be pushing the limits of craziness. Lol. Thank you always for your wonderful comments.

  5. You bring the story into life so perfectly. Can visualise each and every scene.
    There are two forces into play- first one makes me laugh at Maggi, and other makes me feel sad for her sister and the funeral.
    Fantastic story, Terveen.

    • There are always several perspectives to a story. Tried to convey the painful, humorous punch in this one. Thanks so much, Mayank. 🙂

    • Looks like she was half aware and half unaware of that. On a crazy mission with a defeated purpose. Thanks so much, Cassa. 🙂

  6. Actually, I feel sorry for Maggie. There is usually a lot of suffering in women like her, who feel rejected by their parents especially their mothers..very precisely and vividly presented, Terveen, as usual!

    • Thank you so much, Diti. Such relationships and situations always have many sides of the same story. And who is to blame and how did it all become so bad – endless scrutiny that at times offers nothing. I feel bad for Maggie too.

  7. I feel bad for Maggie.😔Anyone with a condescending older family member is bound to go crazy! It is remarkable how fleshed out all your characters are in spite of the short story format! A brilliant feat indeed!👍😊

    • Sometimes there are so many loose ends that they are too difficult to tie up. Thanks so much, Aaysid. I really appreciate the support and encouragement. 🙂

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