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Shobana Gomes is an excellent poetess and writer. Her writing speaks volumes of her talent and her insightful observations of life. There’s much love and wisdom in her words.


This was the theme of Simply Shobana’s Poetry Contest.

For any writer or poet, it’s a question that makes one dive beneath layers of skin, muscle, thought, emotion, and hurt.

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How I Reincarnate as a Writer – One Story at a Time

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Hello! Good to have you here!

It’s been some time since I’ve written about my writing eccentricities. My personal ones are as colorful, but I’ll save them for another day. They’re definitely not going anywhere.

Writing fiction is not just building a plot with characters. It’s getting under the skin of the story, fusing oneself with the elements, surrendering to the powerful current of thoughts and emotions.

A story has been compared to the human anatomy.

Plot is the bones, characters are the muscles, and prose is the flesh.

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Author Interview With Eloquent Articulation: Sundri Comic Book

Sundri Comic Book Cover with Sikh warrior woman

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It’s a pleasure to share my Author Interview with Eloquent Articulation, an initiative by Inderpreet Kaur Uppal.

When put to good use, time and words are an individual’s greatest assets.

Sundri – The Birth of A Warrior was one of the first comic books written by me for Sikh Comics.

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First Book vs First Kid

first kid

Reading Time: 2 minutes

That first look, that first touch, that first joyous encounter.

You can’t believe that you’ve created something so unique and beautiful. As you cradle it in your arms, wishing to share your joy with others, your mind races towards the future.

No more sleepless nights…

No more caffeine laden cups of coffee…

No more second guessing…

No more tears of agony…

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SuperWriter!


Reading Time: 4 minutes

SuperWriter is here to save you readers from some dark, dismal, and inappropriate writing.

I know you’ve been suffering, and your cries for help have gone unanswered.

The kingdom of readers has been under attack since the ‘dawn of writing’ cast its first light. What started out as an initiative to entertain, inform, and educate gradually turned into a bombardment of thoughts, facts, insecurities, and presumptions. Keep on Reading!

Shame is thy Second Name, Writer!


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hey, why so glum? Oh, is it because you’re a Writer bum? Well, maybe you should stop beating that Writer Drum, and just drown yourself in a bottle of rum.

What!! Who you calling scum? I’m as dumb as you are for lounging in the Writer’s Slum.

Writers really are a funny lot…Whether it’s you, me, or Ben Apricot.

Never heard of him? Neither have I…And that’s how we all will probably die.

Unknown, Unrecognized, with dreams in our hearts, and faded stars in our eyes.

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5 Reasons I Write more and Talk less


Reading Time: 4 minutes

How many of you write for a living?
How many of you write to fulfill a deep passion?
How many of you write for fun?
How many of you don’t write at all?
Have I pretty much covered a major percentage of the population?

I write professionally…so that makes me a writer…and I also write because…I’m not much of a talker. Keep on Reading!

Writers are from MARS, Readers are from VENUS

writers are from mars

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A writer and a reader are destined to bond over a plethora of words. 

WORDS bring the two together, and initiate them into a close yet undefinable relationship. A writer’s purpose is incomplete without a reader. And a reader is just a reader by name if he or she has nothing to read.

Yet when it comes down to understanding one another, a writer and reader don’t seem to speak the same language.

It’s as if writers are from MARS, and readers are from VENUS.

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HELL!! What’s with all the foul language?!!

foul language

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When languages were being developed, every aspect of verbal and written communication had to be carefully considered and drafted. Each language had to be complete within itself.

So the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY had to be taken care of in an adequate number of words. And since the UGLY could not be fairly conveyed with just a few negatively defined words, along came the evil SLANG and its wicked brother FOUL LANGUAGE. Keep on Reading!

Fifty Shades of a WRITER Part Two

fifty shades

Reading Time: 4 minutes

WELCOME BACK to Part Two of Fifty Shades of a Writer.

If you missed Fifty Shades of a WRITER Part One, then you should READ IT HERE!

Humans harbor great potential and talent. They are able to manifest their ideas, opinions, and thoughts into REALISTIC DIMENSIONS. It’s this very ability that labels them as CREATIVE.

Yet creativity often leads to stereotypes, and the words ‘FIFTY SHADES’ can honestly vouch for this. These Two WORDS have been bound, gagged and thrown in a dark corner to bear the burden of their notorious image. Keep on Reading!

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