That Badass Challenge by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores /Flash Fiction

The close up of a woman's butt and her panties with Badass written on them

Reading Time: < 1 minute WELCOME TO TUESDAY FLASH FICTION at GOBBLERS/MASTICADORES! We love comparing our joys, miseries, achievements, and failures with others. But what happens when the topic of comparison is a rather private one? Ahem! Not sure what I’m talking about?… Read More

They Killed a God – Flash Fiction Story

The face of goddess Kali

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dry, howling winds drowned out the baby’s cries. It was two hours before dawn, but a mother knew her newborn would look even more hideous in the day’s light. An extra limb grew from the boy’s chest. It… Read More

Ruby Red Dreams by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores – Flash Fiction

A young, white woman in a red cap and red dress with a lost expression on her face

Reading Time: < 1 minute WELCOME TO TUESDAY FLASH FICTION AT GOBBLERS/MASTICADORES! Introverts often live in the shadows of their thoughts, keeping to themselves, satisfied with their solitude. A young woman has a name that sparkles but can she live up to its… Read More

Two Spoons Missing – Flash Fiction Story

black coffee being poured from a height and it's splashing into and outside of a glass being held midair by a hand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Norman held the jar in front of the window. The brown granules shifted as the man tilted and turned the glass container, squinting as if the sunlight were piercing his eyes instead of the half empty coffee jar…. Read More

I Will Save Him – Flash Fiction Story

A heart-shaped photo frame with broken glass and a mother and son photograph

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘I will save him.’ Gurri looked at his wife. They were in the supermarket, aisle seven. He was having a hard time keeping his hands in his pockets. The sweet delights on the shelves were begging him to… Read More

Cuckoo Bird Crazy – Flash Fiction Story

A pair of hands holding up a cardboard with an angry emoji face painted on it

Reading Time: 2 minutes The boy hated his name. It made him want to hide in the shadows and question his parents’ wisdom. But the nonsensical tag was more the mother’s doing than the father’s. The couple had never gotten along, and… Read More

Husband, Wife & Culprit – Flash Fiction Story

broken pieces of a heart-shaped lollipop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Married at nine, Subbu knew little about her seventeen-year-old bridegroom. Her mother had told her that he lived two villages away and that his father was a landlord with enough resources to support an entire village. Subbu would… Read More

Big Boy Diddy – Flash Fiction Story

A graffiti of a skull wearing a cap that says 'Wrong Way'.

Reading Time: 2 minutes They call me Big…Boy…Diddy… giggity…wiggity…tiggy… ooo yeh…ooo yeh…ooo yeh… Big…Boy…Diddy… This is me chilling. Taking in life and taking out crap. Literally. I’m in the bathroom. On the pot. My words and me. Rollin’…

TAKEN HOSTAGE AGAIN by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores

The yellowed open pages of an old book

Reading Time: < 1 minute READ my Flash Fiction Story – TAKEN HOSTAGE AGAIN. Published by Gobblers/Masticadores. The mind can be a tricky place. It can either benefit you or ruin you. Sometimes, you have no choice or say. Scary…

You Can Never Be Too Short – Flash Fiction Story

The silhouettes of a mother and child with the mother's finger on the child's nose

Reading Time: 3 minutes You can never be too short. My mother probably knew what this meant. She’s the one who used to say it. Every day till she died. She’d lick her thumb and smoothen my unruly eyebrows. Two swift strokes,… Read More

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