Who Says Happy is the Only Way to BE – My Sad & Inspirational Short Film

The abstract image of a young woman sitting on a bench with her head bowed and green and black clouds of sadness surrounding her Reading Time: < 1 minute

Hello everyone! Wishing you all a great Friday!

I won’t bore you with too many details.

My soul needed to expel, and it had been quite some time since I’d made a short film.

So here I am with a new video on my YouTube Channel.

All my life I’ve asked myself a simple question.


And the answer has never been a conclusive one.

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Our Steps – Two Minutes Short Film

The silhouette of a woman standing against a bright peach background with her one arm raised triumphantly in the air Reading Time: < 1 minute

At times, writing just doesn’t seem enough.

I need to get out there with my camera and capture the sights and sounds.

There’s so much going on inside me that it feels like a time bomb ticking way.

Join me as I walk and walk and walk on the streets of Bangalore.

Looking for some great shots and angles.

The story? That’s already alive in my head.

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Please GOD! Give Me That DAMN Sign!

A bright orange neon sign of folded hands in prayer Reading Time: 5 minutes

Hi there!

Back Again?

Why wouldn’t you be? It’s not like there’s much to do on a Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Pick your day and time. It all depends on where you are in the world right now.

Well, how about you live your life and maybe have some fun? Not everyone’s inclined to loser tendencies.


Okay! Let me start again. I think the moment has passed.

Deep breaths. Small Steps. Eyes closed. Relaxed mind.

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Acceptance and Tolerance and the Sin of Being Powerless

A black and white image of a man in a shirt holding a box that he has placed over his face and head Reading Time: 6 minutes

Hello lovely readers!

You all look so wonderful at a distance. Let’s just keep it that way!

Someone, very special to me, recently asked me a question that hasn’t settled in any corner of my mind. Now you may think, the brain is a semi-roundish contraption, and the mind is an abstraction, so where are the corners?

Oh God!

Could you overlook that? I’m simply speaking metaphorically.

Now where was I?

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New Age Worrier or Warrior

worrier or warrior

Reading Time: 6 minutes

If ‘Worrier or Warrior’ don’t seem to ring a bell, then that could mean either of two things.

Either you’re not much of a reader or you’re totally an unimaginative person.

How many of you are offended by the above statement?

If you are offended, then that could mean either of two things.

Either you’re easily offended, or the words did graze a touchy vein.

And if you’re not offended, then that could mean either of two things.

Either you didn’t understand the statement, or you’re just a cool cat who’s not easily bothered.

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Short Film – The Only Key

short film

Reading Time: < 1 minute

‘The Only Key’ is a short film written, directed, and shot by me.

This short film is the story of a man with many keys. And as he unlocks the many locks around him, will he be able to unlock the mystery that surrounds him?

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The Battle – Motivational Video


Reading Time: < 1 minute

Watch my new video – THE BATTLE – a motivational video dedicated to every human being.

Your life is your story, and your battles are your own.

But what about that one battle that you’ve been fighting for so long, and don’t even know about. Keep on Reading!

Procrastinate like a PRO


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Yeah you read it right…Procrastinate!!

Go ahead, do it!! Procrastinate in the morning, in the evening, at your office, in the backyard, procrastinate wherever the hell you want to!

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy! What did you expect?!

People love to procrastinate, they do it all the time. And writers especially. You know what amazes me…since writers are so good at procrastinating, and have probably discovered every possible procrastination technique in this world, then why hasn’t any one of them written a book about it?

They have?? Ohhhh…

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My First Short Film, HOORAY!!

short film

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Watch my first short film, SHE TEXTED.

Written and Directed by me, this short film should leave a mark!! Don’t worry, it shouldn’t leave you black and blue.

Shot on a stubborn Iphone 6, but definitely not more stubborn than me!

It’s time to WATCH a story instead of READ one.

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Love isn’t Indifferent, We Are


Reading Time: 4 minutes

LOVE is a word you can either love or hate. It’s really not a word that most people harbor neutral feelings for.

This word exerts such great power that it can create vivid images in the minds and hearts of many sailing upon the vast ocean of love. Some may imagine love as a garden of fragrant flowers, or a pair of sparrows chirping upon a leafy branch, or maybe even a shooting star darting across the night sky.

Where the above images reflect affection and harmony, there are some NOT SO pretty pictures in the minds of those who have suffered at the hands of a demon called love.

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