Short Film – Quarantined Love

Sunset seen through tall grass Reading Time: < 1 minute

Back again!!

With another Short Film – Quarantined Love!

The world is experiencing an uncertain time.





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NEW Short Film-Uninvited Help

short film Reading Time: < 1 minute
Watch my NEW Short Film – Uninvited Help.

Written, shot, directed & edited by me, this short film borders on the edge of the supernatural.

UNINVITED HELP is filled with suspense to keep you on the edge and tense.

What if you encounter something that defies all logic and reasoning?

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STATIC – One Minute Short Film

one minute film Reading Time: < 1 minute
One Minute seems so insignificant when you think of time in a broader sense.

Yet one minute is the most common response when a person needs to buy more time.

Are you on your way? “Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.”
Could you help me in the kitchen? “Sure, just give me a minute.”
Turn off the television! “Okay! One more minute!”

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Short Film – The Only Key

short film Reading Time: < 1 minute

‘The Only Key’ is a short film written, directed, and shot by me.

This short film is the story of a man with many keys. And as he unlocks the many locks around him, will he be able to unlock the mystery that surrounds him?

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