Flash Fiction Story – The Village Bride

golden red bangles lying on a red wedding saree Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today I will be married, and the entire village is invited. Is that why my mother cries? I have seen her wet cheeks and swollen eyes. Yet she pretends it’s the dusty wind that bothers her. Is she overwhelmed? Saddened to lose her eldest daughter? She has six more to care for. Keep On Reading!

Cowards Don’t Die

Used bullet shells lying in ash Reading Time: 2 minutes

A coward can never be a hero. I am that coward. They carried me home upon their shoulders. If only they knew the truth. But a dead man cannot speak, and I would never reveal what really happened. Asim’s burial was quick. Nothing much was left of him. His aged mother shed ample tears and his elder brother shoveled the dirt. Down went Asim into his damp grave, our secret buried alongside him.

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Flash Fiction Story – Birthday Wish

Chocolate birthday cake with lighted candles Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every wish he had ever made had come true. He could be lying, but it served him no purpose. Eleven birthdays together, eleven beautiful cakes, eleven selfish wishes. Eleven reasons for me to believe that it wouldn’t be any different the twelfth time. But something was different. He hardly resembled the man I married. The distance between us had blurred him into a ball of fading colors. I was losing in the tug-of-war of hate. Was he aware of the game we were playing? I would soon find out.

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Flash Fiction Story – Creature of Greed

Hanging rope with a noose Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’m a man of many mistakes. Some small, some so vile that I struggle to hide in their indecent shadows. I was born just like you. What’s that word? Yeah, innocent. I hate that word. It’s the biggest sham on this planet. A distraction from man’s basic nature. Man is a creature of greed. A far cry from innocent. That’s what makes me different, in fact better than you. I never hid my greed. It was my badge of honor, pinned to my soul, dictating my actions.

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Flash Fiction Story – Death Completes Me

Eerie hands clinging to dry grass Reading Time: 2 minutes

I was four when I died for the first time. The village pond had beckoned me into its brown waters, promising me a gallant win in a game of hide-and-seek. I held my breath, only a fool wouldn’t have, before slipping into a murky slumber. They found me floating like a paper boat, ignorant and carefree. No pulse, no breath, gone from this world to another, goodbye baby Savi. Keep on Reading!

The Best Friend-Short Story

Two Black and white figures with crosses as eyes Reading Time: 7 minutes

It wasn’t the darkness that bothered Shane, but the insecurity of being on his own, all alone for the first time in many years. In fact, he had never been afraid of the dark. Even as a young boy, he had spent most of his time loitering in the dark alleys near his grandfather’s house. Dark spaces had always enticed him, and made him feel calm. There was something soothing about the unknown and the unexpected. However, certain traumatic incidents had shattered his life. Shane hadn’t expected his parents to die when he was just ten. He hadn’t expected to be taken in by his resentful grandfather. He hadn’t expected his sister to run away from home when she was just fifteen years old. Keep on Reading!

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