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She is bound by duty, forced to decide against her will.

Her lips can be either life-giving or deadly.

It depends upon the one that receives the kiss.

She only wishes to be normal like everyone else.

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Her lips were envied by the mighty and the weak. They were also adored and worshipped. Haunting ballads described them as magical, professing their power as life-giving and lethal. She wasn’t born from nobility, rather handpicked from hostility. An orphan with no past or future, a gift to the ones who possessed her. A throne […]

The Kissing Maiden by Terveen Gill — Gobblers & Masticadores

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11 Comments on “The Kissing Maiden by Terveen Gill — Gobblers & Masticadores

  1. Ah, a dark tale! I love this one. Such a strong sense of bleakness and doom pervades this story. Sadness and despair, too. To be stripped of humanity and misunderstood…a lot of people feel that way. It makes this story relatable on many levels. Masterful work, Terveen. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Mike. Wanted to give this one a folklore twist. Feeling hopeless can be the worst thing one has to endure in life. I appreciate you and your words. Take care. 🙂

  2. what a dreadful end ! what’s that saying about the head that wears the crown? It can’t be easy; so much expected … one false move ,,,, dark and predestined —

  3. You spent so many words on the character that one could effortlessly empathize with her pain, I somehow felt like giving up as the ending neared, unsure of what should I wish for and the way it ended was still painful even though it was meant to end the suffering or is it, i am not sure. Loved reading this one!

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