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Watch my first short film, SHE TEXTED.

Written and Directed by me, this short film should leave a mark!! Don’t worry, it shouldn’t leave you black and blue.

Shot on a stubborn Iphone 6, but definitely not more stubborn than me!

It’s time to WATCH a story instead of READ one.

Thanks for watching!!

Like and share because stories need a lot of care!
We shall meet again, with another story, and another short film.

Till then, be careful… what you text… and who you text…

4 Comments on “My First Short Film, HOORAY!!

    • Thanks so much, Don!
      Means a lot!
      Yes, before I resurrected this blog in April 2021.
      Previously, likes and comments were a bit sparse. Probably didn’t interact enough with others.
      Now, I can’t stop babbling. πŸ™‚

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