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Yeah you read it right…Procrastinate!!

Go ahead, do it!! Procrastinate in the morning, in the evening, at your office, in the backyard, procrastinate wherever the hell you want to!

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy! What did you expect?!

People love to procrastinate, they do it all the time. And writers especially. You know what amazes me…since writers are so good at procrastinating, and have probably discovered every possible procrastination technique in this world, then why hasn’t any one of them written a book about it?

They have?? Ohhhh…

I mean Writer Community WAKE UP!! The world needs to read your words and know that it’s okay to DELAY things.

How many of you start the day with procrastination?

Ohhh…the blank-eyed stare!! Of course, who wants to admit that they postpone things, or look for ways to avoid doing what they’re supposed to do? It’s not like this is something new to you. You’ve been putting things off for later right from your childhood days.

Can’t remember?? Let me help you.

Not cleaning your room.
Not writing that essay on Medieval History.
Not finishing that Science project.
Not playing ball with your little sister. (Oh! You were just being mean! So you’re a meanie and a liar…)

WHAT!! How dare I call you a LIAR? Then what else do I call you?

Procrastinating is another form of lying, the only difference here is that you’re lying to yourself.

Postponing things with random excuses and flimsy reasons is equivalent to misleading yourself, and hence lying.

No matter what the profession, or what the work, people find more reasons to postpone things than they do reasons to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend.


If your first thought of the morning is how to delay doing something you should be doing, then you’re a Perfect Procrastinator. You probably spend a substantial amount of time planning how to effectively put off doing things instead of completing pending tasks.


But be sure that if you’re procrastinating, that you put your heart, mind and soul into it.  Nobody likes a lazy procrastinator. If you’re thinking of ways to even delay your procrastination, then maybe you’ve ended up at the deep end of procrastination.


Prolonged procrastination may lead to some unforeseen side effects. You many no longer remember who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. Somewhere along the path of fooling yourself into not living your life, you have ended up in the ‘TWILIGHT ZONE’.


And, if you’re a true-blue influencer, then you could manage to gather a large group of procrastinators, and actually spread your message to others, and convince them that life is much more than just completing important and relevant tasks. If you can postpone it, then why do it in the first place!


For all the times you’ve escaped to drink 10 cups of coffee, or have listened to Michael Jackson croon ‘I’M BAD’ a hundred times, or maybe even have sat under a tree and counted its leaves till your eyes didn’t turn red or watery, you have lived up to the reputation of a genuine procrastinating being.

And don’t let others rain on your parade.


Remember one thing! You’re not postponing things to make the world a better place.

The reason for your delay is not the cure for cancer. All you want to do is procrastinate, and if some greater good can come from it, then of course you would love to see some positive change.

So stand up…no…sit down…wait…jump up and down…okay forget it…just do whatever you do when you actually procrastinate.

And I’ll definitely finish writing this blog post after dinner…

Hey wait! It’s already finished!! DUHH!!

5 Comments on “Procrastinate like a PRO

  1. Hahaha..this is amazing.never read that anywhere..Terveen.
    Actually it’s stimulating to think that procrastination can be that creative.
    What’s the hurry, world!

    • Thanks Pawan!!! Really…why do it…when you can procrastinate😆😆
      But don’t avoid my posts ❤️

      • Terveen …I’m not going to procrastinate in this case.
        Will read ur blog as soon as u post😁😁😍

  2. Dear Ms Gill

    I’ve been procrastinating finding you for 12 months. Does that qualify me as Gold Member in the Happy Procrastinators Club? I assume you are a life member….


    Happy procrastinator


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