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LOVE is a word you can either love or hate. It’s really not a word that most people harbor neutral feelings for.

This word exerts such great power that it can create vivid images in the minds and hearts of many sailing upon the vast ocean of love. Some may imagine love as a garden of fragrant flowers, or a pair of sparrows chirping upon a leafy branch, or maybe even a shooting star darting across the night sky.

Where the above images reflect affection and harmony, there are some NOT SO pretty pictures in the minds of those who have suffered at the hands of a demon called love.

The very mention of the word LOVE makes them cringe and squirm. Heavy clouds of disgust mask their faces, and their tongues lash out at the evils involved in playing with the flames of a fire that burns innocent and naïve hearts.

Love is a joke!
Love is for fools!
Love is a waste of time!

Irrespective of the various opinions surrounding this complicated emotion, love is an essential part of life, and is present all around us. Love exists in various forms, a mother’s love, a brother’s love, a friend’s love, a lover’s love, a pet’s love, and self-love.

Love flows through nature and its elements, it binds oddities, and smoothens complexities. As poets have written and rewritten, love can conquer hate, love can conquer all. It can be born, and it can be killed, but somehow it is always destined to survive.

You may ask where does this love come from, where is it going, when will it begin, where will it end. Is it a constant or an ever-changing variable? Who was the first to love, who will be the last to have loved?

They say that love is blind, yet so many pick and choose, and then say that love is hard to find.

The world consists of a wide variety of individuals, no two people are known to be alike. Yet love still binds many, it knocks upon countless doors, no matter whether they belong to the rich or poor.

Taking is relatively easy while giving is a greater ordeal, it’s supposed to be between I and U, but does anyone truly care what the other feels?

Even the so-called new age gurus are confused about love. Some say embrace it, some say face it, a few say disgrace it, yet none admit that you can freely displace it. Love can travel thousands of miles and still be fresh and strong, and sometimes only a few extra yards make it pant and groan, and fall face first upon the hardened ground.

Needs and wants dictate love, it’s a proven formula that has been around since the longest of time. What can you do for me in exchange of What is expected of me is a dangerous balance that very few have managed to perfect.

If love had eyes, it would probably look the other way, and if it had a tongue, it would be clueless as to what it should say.

So many conditions have been attached to its weightless soul that it often lies buried beneath materialistic and superficial woes.

Has love lived past its glory, and seen the best of its days? Or is there still a chance that it can pierce through the greedy darkness and resurrect its selfless name.

Love isn’t insecure.

The truth is that the hearts that yearn to feel it are themselves not very sure. Looks, status, intelligence are not important to love itself, they are the rules defined by a society playing love as a ruthless game.

But there is still hope, and many will find love, perhaps losing it to only discover it once again. Stories will come and go, and some will be strong enough to stay, so let’s take a look at what Jia and J.J. have to say.









When love has to bloom, it dismisses all fears and gloom, and nudges itself into nooks and crannies where there is hardly any more room.


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