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When languages were being developed, every aspect of verbal and written communication had to be carefully considered and drafted. Each language had to be complete within itself.

So the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY had to be taken care of in an adequate number of words. And since the UGLY could not be fairly conveyed with just a few negatively defined words, along came the evil SLANG and its wicked brother FOUL LANGUAGE.

And ever since, foul language has managed to reign supreme in today’s world.

It’s everywhere these days. It’s on the streets, in schools and colleges, in the workplace, on television, in books, in movies, at home, and even on the radio. Oh my God! It might even be in your hair!

foul language

People swear like it’s their birthright, and as if they’ve been bestowed the title of ‘Sir SwearAlot’.

foul language

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, or who the speakers are, foul language has become the need of the day. Some people use foul language like they use the bathroom. In both cases, the purpose is to release toxicity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from the mouth or the…

foul language

Now what’s the purpose of uttering profanities? Is it considered to be chic and classy? Or does it make a person look macho and authoritative.

foul language

Foul language is spoken with such ease nowadays that every other person is swearing like he’s preaching the Lord’s gospel. And a majority of these swearers don’t even realize that they’re talking and swearing at the same time.

foul language

Songs can no longer be sung without hiding your face in shame, and hoping that your mom doesn’t hear your colorful vocabulary.

foul language

Even writers aren’t hesitating from filling their writings with racial slurs, inappropriate words, and derogatory remarks. Now, the justification lies in the fact that writers aren’t separate from the REAL WORLD and nor are their writings. And since the real world is filled with profanity, then the pages of books must also mirror this stark reality.

But does foul language add to the quality of a story? Does it make the story more believable and relatable? Can it boost a reader’s interest and keep him glued to the story?

Or is it just an attempt to camouflage boring and weak writing?

foul language

When it comes to writing, there are many ways to exhibit strong emotions such as anger and disgust. The English vocabulary is filled with words that can create an atmosphere of violence, hatred, jealousy, and bitterness. Writing is the art of playing with your words, and appropriately linking them together to create a vivid portrayal of your imagination.

foul language

And if cursing and swearing are absolutely necessary to depict a character’s crass nature, or to show the horrendous setting of a scene, then please exercise some caution and care. You should know HOW much is TOO much, and whether the usage of foul language actually accentuates the scene or just manages to give it a cheesy feel.

A SUPERHERO doesn’t need a foul tongue to show that he’s a HERO.

All he needs is a sound mind, a good heart, and a strong willpower to defeat the BAD GUYS and eventually WIN THE DAY!

I’m not the one to preach, but foul language won’t get you far, unless you’re planning on becoming a punk or a self-absorbed ROCK STAR!

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