I’m just going to be extremely blunt with you. You’re going to DIE, and you should consider yourself damn LUCKY!

WHAT!! You think I’m crazy! OHHH!!! What did I tell you about using foul language?!! If you’re so cool, why don’t you threaten DEATH with some BAD WORDS, and make it run away?!!

Not so simple, IS IT??

According to most people, death isn’t a topic worth discussing. It’s not like you’re going to sit in a bar, sip an ice-cold beer, and frivolously discuss the END OF YOUR LIFE.

Yeah man…death is so radical. I just can’t wait to close my eyes, and check out for good.

And in case, you ever do say such a thing, you’ll most probably be checked into an asylum before you actually DIE.

But why is DEATH looked down upon? Why does this word carry such a heavy burden? How come talking about DEATH is such an uncomfortable situation?

Isn’t death just the opposite of birth?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, death is defined as the ‘end of the life of a person or organism’.

Yeah, that makes sense. Death is the end of EVERYTHING, at least in this world. And right now, all I’m concerned about IS this world. When a person’s life isn’t complete without birth and death, then why is death frowned upon so much?

What’s so GRIM about this natural phenomenon?

WELL…firstly, death isn’t associated with anything joyful. Losing a loved one is a tragic incident. It’s not like you’re going to be cracking jokes at your grandma’s funeral.

Knock Knock…who’s there…Grandma Rose…uh-oh, not anymore!! (SERIOUSLY??!!)

Secondly, death is the fear of the unknown. No one really knows what happens hereafter! Yes, there are countless theories regarding the endless journey of the soul. But how many people have actually died and verified this assumption?

Yeah! No one, I guess. Unless you can still see and talk to Grandma Rose. (WEIRDO!)

On the other hand, birth is all about joy, excitement, and a really pink and shriveled baby. (EWWWW!!)

DEATH is just as important and necessary as BIRTH. If you’ve been given a life, it’ll eventually be taken from you. Of course, you can have it for some time, but it’s not yours to keep. It’s a luxury that you can use according to your own wants and needs, but it must be returned when the TIME COMES.

Death may be the END, but life would be miserable without it.

Let’s take a BRISK look at 10 reasons that make DEATH absolutely NECESSARY.
1. You need to make space for more people


2. The human body is pre-programmed to die


3. No one’s going to care whether you’re still around


4. Nature’s balance must be maintained


5. Genetic evolution depends on your death


6. Your mind can only adapt to a certain extent


7. Survival depends upon your strength and agility


8. Most of the people you know are long gone


9. Death adds value to life


10. Grief gives way to joy and closure


As soon as the word DEATH hits our senses, we automatically visualize the GRIM REAPER waiting to grab us, and lead us towards the doors of NO RETURN.

Yet, it is this very threshold that offers us a step towards LIBERATION.

Human life isn’t meant to be IMMORTAL. Its charm and importance lies in its mortality.

So the next time, you hear about DEATH, don’t cringe or sneer. It’s an inevitable truth that must be faced with great strength and little fear.







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