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Hi there!

Back Again?

Why wouldn’t you be? It’s not like there’s much to do on a Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Pick your day and time. It all depends on where you are in the world right now.

Well, how about you live your life and maybe have some fun? Not everyone’s inclined to loser tendencies.


Okay! Let me start again. I think the moment has passed.

Deep breaths. Small Steps. Eyes closed. Relaxed mind.

Wow! Now I can’t see what I’m writing. Does this happen to everyone? Or am I the chosen one?

Someone dressed in a Darth Vader costume and pointing a glow sword towards the reader
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Okayyyy. I’m not Luke. And I already have a dear father. Don’t need another one.

YES! I am a STAR WARS fan. So what?!

Alright. Let me dive right in. Are you in the habit of looking for signs?

Not the ones on roads or on the fronts of buildings. But signs that might have some divine significance. Direct from the Big Guy up there. He’s called God and has many other names. Let’s just go with Infinite Power. Isn’t that what one feels when reaching out in faith? Letting go of your worries and trusting that someone has your back.

Like a silent, trustworthy partner who won’t let you slip and might even clean up your mess.

A man looking exasperated and pressing his fingers against the sides of his forehead
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That’s not a pretty picture. Sorry…

But we all hope and pray that the Infinite Power is nothing like that. And all our flaws and misdeeds will be swept away with noble grace and a gentle pat on the back.

Don’t worry. Go ahead and mess up again.

Not that we need any encouragement for that. The ‘mess up’ switch is already embedded in our brains. And when life doesn’t seem to be going our way because of the messes around us, we tend to resort to looking for something bigger and better.


When will things get better? Will I get what I want? How is it going to happen?

A metal statue of the thinking man
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Might take a few days to loosen up. OUCH!

I’m a big sign searcher. I won’t look for lost objects, but signs will get me going. And it’s not just events or happenings, but tiny things that many won’t even think of.

I have a thing for numbers. And their sequences. Ever heard of angel numbers?

That’s what I see. On clocks and watches, license plate numbers, and even on bills and receipts. I’ve been seeing ‘1111’ ever since I can remember. And ‘444’ and ‘777’.

These numbers act as guides and have their own unique meanings and significance. It’s equivalent to a guardian angel looking out for you.

An acknowledgement of your thoughts and feelings, a divine message from the Universe.

It depends on you how you decipher it and relate it to your own life and its instances.

A white stone statue of an angel with wings
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Yeah sure! Make fun of me. You know what? I even see ‘911’. So there!

And how about small things like a random phone call or an unexpected email. Even if it doesn’t amount to anything in the present, I might take this as a sign of something better in the future. I once got a rejection email for a novel manuscript I had submitted. Let me tell you, I was over the moon.

No, I’m not crazy. I have my reasons.

First, I wasn’t expecting a reply.

Second, this felt like the acceptance and acknowledgement of me sharing my hard work.

Third, it gave me the feeling that the Universe had set the ball rolling for my novel and its publication journey.

A shirtless black man wearing sunglasses and a cloud of smoke near his face
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Wow! That’s mighty nice of you.

I am high. But on optimism and the hope of grander prospects.

Signs for me are always good. Never bad. That’s my personal interpretation. And it gives me hope to look for more and find meaning in the life I am leading.

Strong bursts of emotions have also been signs for me.

I’ve been through rough times like so many of you. And sometimes a good cry or a loud outburst relieves the pressure that’s been building up. And often during such moments, I’ve reached out to the Infinite Power and asked for a tiny ray of hope or maybe a small sign that will make me not give up and succumb to negativity.

You’ve been there too.

Remember, the abundant despair and the unrelenting tears that threaten to drown you. And the screams stopping short of your mouth, burning your insides, tearing apart your composure. You just want that last straw of courage to hold on to.

A shirtless black man screaming while kneeling on the floor with his face tilted upwards and his hands on the back of his neck
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WHOA! That’s raw emotion. A tad bit scary…

Prayers never go in vain. And sure enough, there has always been a small token of my devotion presented to me. It could be a snippet of good news, an unexpected turn of events, or an uplifting conversation that changed my downward spiraling thinking.

Or maybe me just taking stock of the situation and changing my viewing angle. The mind will listen if you speak to it sincerely.

These may seem like small things, but their occurrences at the time were very much needed. An interlude to a monotonous movie. A powerful potion to break the evil spell of self-misery.

And finally, there are the signs that spring from within me. You have them too.

A couple having an argument and the woman is telling the man to stop while he's explaining himself
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Let’s just give them space. Thanks.

Thoughts and feeling are signs too. You may call them intuition, reasoning, or better judgment.

But for me, they are signs that need to be recognized and acted upon. Have you ever been in a situation where everyone was telling you to go north but you went south? And there was no justified reason for it.

Some call that a gut feeling. I call that a sign that the mind, heart, and spirit conspire to create and shoot off into the brain space, and the signals don’t stop radiating till a decision is taken.

It’s a leap of faith, a shot in the dark, a gamble that could go either way.
A black and white image of a woman showing the palm of her open hand as a stop gesture
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That’s a little rude. But I get the message.

Signs are all around you and within you. Are they real? Or is it just a person’s perspective?

I’ve been seeing them for years and deducing only positive notions. It keeps me going.

What about you? Do you see signs? How about sharing some with me.

I’ll take this as a sign of positive belief and persistent determination.

May the Infinite Power always be with you.

Does your mouth need to be washed out with soap? Looking at the way people swear, all I can say is HELL!! What’s with all the Foul Language?!!

30 Comments on “Please GOD! Give Me That DAMN Sign!

  1. I was out walking yesterday and a bolt of lightening hit me….still here despite bit singed….my question is was this a sign from above? ….or was i just stupid getting my daily exercise in a storm?……

    • Don, you’ll have to answer this one on your own. But since you’ve asked…It could be a sign that you need to stop exercising in stormy weather. Or maybe a sign that your writing is great but needs a bit more electrifying elements.
      You need to clear away the smoke and understand the rhythm of the volts. 🙂

  2. I also believe in signs. It is a very strong intuition which at times comes true .Beautifully written and explained.

  3. Ha, ha. I can swear I have a guardian angel watching over me. I have been through hell and back and survived! Yes, I believe in signs too. You just have to follow the lead, just don’t take the wrong turn. cute post – loved it. Have a great weekend, listen to music, sing, dance – you can never go wrong there. The weekend is yours to spend any way you want.

    • So true, Shobana. I’m so glad you can relate to this. It’s that stubborn positive bent of mind. Haha! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I hope the weekend is great for you too, and may your week start on a high note. 🙂

  4. I can relate. I’m really good at finding signs that tell me I shouldn’t be writing whenever I’m trying to write.

    • Haha! That’s a good one, Tony. Yeah those signs are just all over the place. Can’t help but finding them. Damn! 🙂

  5. Fantastically creative and super duper funny, as always. I see signs all the time…I was on a walk last week, and there was just a slight breeze, and the trees? Well, they were waving at me…beautiful, just like your story! Have a fantastic Sunday, Terveen. 😊

    • Thanks so much, Jeff! I’m so glad you see them too. Your immense positivity is the culprit. 🙂
      You have a great Sunday too and start your week with a lot of hope and determination. Waving trees are such a beautiful sight!

      • You’re most welcome, Terveen. Always. Ah, must be! 😃 Thank you, and will do. Oh, yes, they are a beautiful sight, indeed! 😊

  6. I always look for signs. Sometimes the coincidence is uncanny. But be careful and look for positive signs only and ignore the negative.

  7. OHhhh how I love the sign(s)! Absolutely..and yes. I hope you continue to find, or stumble, into exactly what you need.

  8. Ahhh, finally, an amusing post that I can relate to because I carry signs with me all the time:

    “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content”
    “Restraining Order: Please Stay At Least 100 Yards Away”
    “If You Can Read This Sign, You’re Too Damned Close!”

    Signs certainly do help me navigate through my daily life.

    • Haha! Good one. What about – Beware of the spaced out okra lady.
      Please forgive my persistence of bringing her up. Though the restraining order could work.
      Thanks Rhyan. 🙂

  9. I am really bad with signs. Often I am very slow to recognize gestures or signs or premonitions until it is too late. Sigh.

    • It’s perception. Sometimes, we see and act upon them without even realizing that we are. Experience teaches us a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

  10. fun fact about me: I am a reiki master/teacher and intuitive empath (this is my profession, in addition to writing). A little more than 2 years ago, I woke with my hands on fire. Preceding this, I had seen nothing but numerical synchronicities like 111, 222, etc but never knew why. Then once I woke with burning palms and was thrust smack into the middle of a spiritual awakening I never saw coming, I understood why. My spirit guides and angels often manifest feathers for me when I ask for signs, & I receive them in a way that one can’t pass off as purely coincidental. This morning while working out outside, I asked my guides & angels for a sign concerning a lonely journey I’m on. And here I am, several hours later, reading your post about signs. So I received my sign within your sign, and perhaps vice versa. I can go on for hours about how my life has been changed upside down (for the better and surreal). xoxo

    • Thanks so much, Joseph! I’m so glad you shared this. I really appreciate it. I’ve been healed by reiki too and also learned it to heal others years ago. And during one of my reiki sessions long ago, I experienced levitating above a bed of fire. So reading your fiery experiences is really very uncanny.
      But now I’m far from reiki and have lost touch with it. But the numbers and signs keep popping up. I’m going to take your sharing as a sign too. What are the odds?
      Keep hoping, practicing, and believing. We’re all on lonely journeys. Some just don’t realize it.
      Lots of good wishes your way. 🙂

  11. This post was quite funny and different to your usual posts, thanks for sharing I really enjoyed it. I recieved a sign once – one day, me and my sister’s were on a rollercoaster ride that had broken down inches before the huge drop at the end so we were hanging on at a very steep angle. Also, the other rollercoaster cars hadn’t stopped and were still heading straight towards us. I was only around seven at the time. Understandably so, me and my sisters were all really freaking out until I [the quiet one] suddenly yelled ‘LET’S JUST ALL STAY CALM AND TRUST IN GOD!’ Instantly the ride jerked forward and continued as normal. Phew, it was a close one!

    • Omg! This is unbelievable!
      This is the power of faith. You sure were a positive little kid. That’s commendable. That could have been a horrible accident. Thinking of it makes me shudder.
      That was a powerful sign. I truly believe that if we set our minds free and open our hearts to belief then anything and everything is possible
      But like any other human, doubts always tend to come around and bother this train of thought. But that’s okay too. Only if we falter can we appreciate getting back on track.
      Thanks so much for sharing this. It was awesome. 🙂

  12. I see signs all the time and believe in them. Just yesterday I was talking to someone about something they said they would do to help this person, I was irritated because nothing had been done yet. I too, had not heard from this person knowing she was still sick. Literally while we were talking on the phone I got an email giving us the information we needed to move forward. I think the more open you are the more information you see, feel and experience. I enjoyed this lovely piece and glad to know your are an intuitive person, as am I. Sending love and hugs, Joni

    • Thanks so much for sharing this, Joni.
      “I think the more open you are the more information you see, feel and experience.”
      I love how you say this. I couldn’t agree more. When we open our minds and hearts, there’s just so much to feel and perceive. And many things are just directed towards us.
      So awesome. I’m glad we’ve connected on so many frequencies. Much peace, love, and joy to you too.

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