Is your WRITING turning you into an INTROVERT?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have any of you had this wake-up call? No honey, I’m not talking about the call you received at 7am to wake up. I’m talking about the profound realization that your writing is actually turning you into an… Read More

Creative Writing! EUREKA! EUREKA!

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’ve probably heard the Eureka story. You know Archimedes AHA moment, and him jumping out of the bathtub and running around naked. NOOO!! Creative writing doesn’t suggest that you run around naked for better writing. OH! You just… Read More

Writer 007 or Online Marketing Idiot

writer 007 online marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Writer 007! That’s right, you heard correctly. My name’s Terveen…Terveen Gill. But you can also call me the Online Marketing idiot. What is going on here? Could someone please explain this to me? This is so embarrassing. I… Read More

A New Writer Upside Down in the Writing World

new writer upside down in writing world

Reading Time: 2 minutes Feeling Upside down? Starting out at writing is a harrowing experience for a new writer!! The Writing World is not as clear as the REAL WORLD. (**Wuh!! When did the real world become clear??**)  

A Writer who doesn’t know the ABC of Writing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Straight from the mind of a Writer who had to Rewrite the ABC’s of Writing.

A Writer’s Take on Depression – Flash Fiction Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dealing with depression is a reality that shouldn’t be treated as an abnormality.

Don’t Judge a Writer by his Books

Reading Time: 3 minutes Read the book not the writer.

The Dialogue between a Writer and a Writer’s Ego

Reading Time: 3 minutes A writer’s ego. The voice that speaks on behalf of a writer.

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