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No two people are identical in this world.

Not even identical twins are completely identical in their looks, natures, or intellects.

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Each individual is a representation of his own thoughts, feelings, outlooks, and objectives.

However, humans are a peculiar lot. On one hand, they desperately seek individuality, and thrive upon being unique. While on the other hand, they do not hesitate from following and adopting mass trends.

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Maybe living together in family units, and further inhabiting various chunks of societies has conditioned human beings to pick up certain traits and habits that are considered correct and essential.

The feeling of FITTING IN is actually a life preserver in the waters of MY LIFE SUCKS TOO.

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Is it so easy to judge a person based upon the materialistic possessions he has accumulated?

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Since ‘judging one another’ is the latest fad that has been sending shivers down the spines of the spineless, no one has been able to escape from its grip.

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While we’re in the JUDGING ARENA, allow me to safely say that writers are not excluded from this distasteful process either.

Not only are writers judged for choosing a writing career…

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…they are also judged for the words they write.

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Baseless conclusions are formulated upon warped assumptions.

Oh, she writes romance, she must be one of those lovelorn women.

Oh! He writes horror! The guy’s probably a psycho!

This one writes erotica…there must be some childhood issues…

Finally annoyed with all the senseless ridicule, the writer within rises up and asks a very crucial question.

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Writing is a job just like any other job. Yes, it does require a quotient of talent and creativity, but like other careers, it is simply WORK that has to be done.

Of course, certain writers have a tendency to lean towards certain genres and issues, but this does not brand them as maniacs or losers.

A salesman has to sell various types of products. Do the products define his character and reputation?

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It’s only rational to say that a writer should not be defined by the type of writing he does.

A writer is an artist with a creative bent of mind.

A writer is an individual with a passion for words.

A writer is simply a writer! So don’t judge a writer by his books!

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