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Feeling Upside down?

Starting out at writing is a harrowing experience for a new writer!! The Writing World is not as clear as the REAL WORLD.

(**Wuh!! When did the real world become clear??**)


new writer upside down

It’s not like you just graduated from Writer University, and are waiting for the Writer Bus to take you to Writer Land where you can sit in your Writer Office and begin your Writer Job.

The journey of writing is not defined, and the term writing itself is also an abstraction.

As a new writer, what am I supposed to do…where am I supposed to begin…how far am I supposed to go?

Well…if you’re a new writer, and that too indie style, then these questions are very relevant, and very brutal.

I started out as a new writer without much writing to my name.

I was the poor new writer from a non-existent writing background. I was scared to write, and even more terrorized to share and reveal what I had written.

Damn! I didn’t even believe I was a writer!

I was probably just faking it to myself, and not even ready to reveal that I had sneaked onto the Writer Bandwagon. What if I was thrown off for being a nobody?

And it is this very feeling of ‘being a nobody’ that throws a new writer off the path of writing.

Hell! If you’re just starting out, then how in God’s name is it possible to become a great writer in just a matter of days or months or even years?

It probably took you about the first twenty years of your life to figure out who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re heading?

(**I’m still figuring that out **)

I’d like to share one of the first articles that I ever wrote as a new writer for the real world to see.

(**I mean the world beyond me, my mom and my sister**)

The fear of being out there was so real and severe that I couldn’t even get myself to read my own guest post when it was finally published.

Oh My God!! I probably made a fool out of myself! (**Not the first time**)

People must be laughing! (**People have better things to do**)

My writing totally sucks! (**Slap yourself woman! If it really sucks then just stop trying!**)

But when I finally mustered the courage to read it, it didn’t look so bad. In fact, it felt like a small miracle, the miracle of creating. (**That’s why it’s called creativity. DUH!!**)

So without further ado…click on the link below to find out what I wrote when I really wasn’t sure what to write as a new writer.

Psst….I’m a Writer



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