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Have any of you had this wake-up call?

No honey, I’m not talking about the call you received at 7am to wake up. I’m talking about the profound realization that your writing is actually turning you into an introvert.

And if you haven’t thought about this yet, then there are probably two reasons for it.

  1. You’re already an introvert.

writing introvert

  1. You haven’t fully dived into the writer’s pool.

writing introvert

Writing full time or even part time can be a very taxing job. It’s not like you just sit down, and flick the writing switch, and words just begin to pour out of your writing spout.

writing introvert

What does a writer’s creativity feed upon?

Well, there are a lot of things that can get a writer going. A sudden thought, a random emotion, a threat to one’s life.

writing introvert

But, if you’re really in the writing zone, you don’t need to wait for your creative juices to start pumping. You should already be miles ahead of your ideas, thoughts and creative flow.

writing introvert

And since you’re busting at the seams with creativity, your mind must be already jam-packed with all those essential things that make a writer a champion.

writing introvert

Okay! I think this guy needs a vacation.

When a writer writes devotedly, he not only surrenders himself to his writing, but he also allows his words to take over his conscious mind, and steer him towards the completion of an article, story, or even a book. It’s like autopilot. The writer shuts off his own navigation, and relies upon the writing instincts he has acquired during the course of his writing journey.

Not only does a writer switch off from the world around him, but he also blends into the world that he is creating on the pages in front of him.

writing introvert

Hold on, Grandma.

So when a writer tries to SWITCH OFF the writer’s mode, and sneakily blend into the real world again, at times his thoughts continue to speak louder than his words.

writing introvert

That’s right! It’s inevitable that when the mind supersedes man, then man may just find it tough to get a word in edgewise.

Am I just talking for the sake of talking?

First of all, I’m not talking but actually writing. And second of all, I’m preaching my own personal gospel.

My writing capacity and writing speed has gradually increased with time. Like they say, the more you do it, the more you’ll be able to do.

OKAY! I just made that up. But it is the truth.

And ever since my writing has picked up momentum, I’ve been unable to slack around or find excuses not to write. But along with this, my mind has ended up in NO MAN’s LAND. I find it difficult to put my thoughts together when I’m expected to speak.

I’m not talking about public speaking. I mean normal conversation. It’s like my mind doesn’t respond to random sentences thrown at me. I’d probably be quicker at writing down my part of the conversation than actually saying it.

writing introvert

Is this a writing hangover?

Or is it a consequence of putting mind to the paper, and just letting the rest go to hell.

I’ve found myself confused when expected to respond to even the simplest questions and sentences. What are the right words I should use when I’m part of any random conversation?

And it is due to this dilemma that I simply choose to remain silent instead of putting together broken words and sentences.

writing introvert

Could it all just be in my head? Probably not!

Maybe it’s because I put all my thoughts and ideas into writing, and I’m left with very little to say.

OR maybe I’m just too tired to articulate my feelings, thoughts, and opinions as I’m constantly doing the same while writing.

OR could it be that the writer in me chooses to listen more, so that it can devour new information from the world around it.

OR maybe I’m suffering from Writer Perfection; only use the right words, or don’t use them at all!

The reasons are various, and I could be neglecting the one that is most relevant.

Yet without delving into further introspection, I’d like to end this article on the WRITE note (pun intended). I can say without much doubt that WRITING has turned me into an INTROVERT.

How about you?

Want to talk about something? I promise I’ll listen.

But you’ll have to read what an introvert really has to say.

5 Comments on “Is your WRITING turning you into an INTROVERT?

  1. Oooo that ending gave me goosebumps! Also, my God, the pictures really made me chuckle. First one has got to be my favorite. I haven’t really metamorphosis-‘ed’ into an introvert yet but contrary to what the theme of your post was, i find myself increasingly absorbed into conversations. Interesting post, really made me think!

    • Thanks for your thoughts.
      This is something to think about. I think as individuals, we are constantly observing, learning, changing and adapting. Writers, ‘the eternal thinkers’ are also evolving as they think, analyze and create. Maybe it’s the constant humdrum in our heads that makes us quiet down and take a backseat when it comes to real life conversations.

      • No worries, really enjoying your work!
        Totally agree with you. Reality gets saturated as white noise at times. Our mind is a different kind of a noise. So unless we’re amidst intelligent people that make for a genuinely good conversation, we prefer the noise that appeals to us more. So if we’re tired of writing and thinking about writing, we’ll focus on the external noise. It’s kind of a noise appeal, mhm.

        • This couldn’t have been said in any better way. I totally agree on the white noise. It’s like you’re there, but not really there. It’s so freaky. But helps shut out monotonous external noise 🙂

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