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Writer 007! That’s right, you heard correctly.

My name’s Terveen…Terveen Gill. But you can also call me the Online Marketing idiot.

What is going on here? Could someone please explain this to me? This is so embarrassing.

I need a drink…

Hey mom! Where’s that glass of milk?!

Writer 007 online marketing

I am supposed to be a writer, whose only job is to write. What’s with this Online Marketing mumbo jumbo? How did I get caught up in this?

For God’s sake, I’m Writer 007! When did I sign up for Online Marketing?!

Isn’t it good enough that I just sit and write all day?

writer 007 online marketing

No! I don’t think the Book Fairy is going to sell my work!! That’s so dumb!

I’ll just find an agent or a publisher who’s interested in my ‘super awesome’ and ‘not to be messed with’ writing. After all, I’m not called Writer 007 for nothing.

Hey! No name calling! That’s so rude!

I know it’s difficult to land a publishing deal, and agents can be very expensive. They could burn giant holes into the pockets of many shirts, trousers, jeans, and skirts.

writer 007 online marketing

Oh Lord! You sing terribly! What?! You were a writer too?

I don’t even want to ask why you’re jamming all alone with a guitar now?

Ok, I get the point. Online marketing is necessary in this day and age. Sure, I can do that! Just give me the address of the online marketer, and I’ll meet him tomorrow.

writer 007 online marketing

WHAT!!! Social Media??!!

I can’t do that! I’m allergic to things I can’t touch and feel!! This is the end of me!!

Alright!! Deep breaths!! I don’t know the head or tail of social media. What am I supposed to do? I thought social media was for liking and following other people. How’s that going to help sell my books?

writer 007 online marketing

That means I have to find ways to connect. Yeah not too bad!

Oh My God!!! I have to learn and read about online marketing?

So now, I’m a writer who’s supposed to read more than I write. If I have to study all this nonsense, I’m never going to find time to write. End of story. My writing days are over!

writer 007 online marketing

I can’t SING!! That is not an option. Okay…I’ll give it my best shot! I can do this!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the burden of marketing your own work?

Do you feel discouraged that you’re sometimes spending more time promoting your work than actually getting work done?

Is it just a matter of a few days, weeks or years?

Does it get easier as you get more than knee-deep in the process of online marketing?

If you have any words of consolation, then please do share them.

As of now, I’m Writer 007 signing off with a glass of milk, and yes I don’t mind whether it’s shaken or stirred.


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7 Comments on “Writer 007 or Online Marketing Idiot

  1. flavored milk or nah, is the real tea sis 😉

    I don’t know jack about online marketing. Well, I know enough but I don’t bother implementing it with myself, personally. I write for the kicks and I love reading other blogs. Eventually I do see myself trying to have a decent social media presence but right now I just want to take it slow and easy. It is fascinating though that youtubers who aren’t initially authors have a headstart (well-earned, jbtw) in the selling business. But then again it takes ages (and luck) to get a kickstart on youtube. Why not ask a book-review youtuber to review your piece as a collab? And insta, ofc. Maybe I’ll get an insta too hmm. I’m literally just rambling hahah. best of luck tho!!

    • Very well thought out approach. Many writers are oblivious of what’s actually going on the marketing front, and many more writers are rushing to market their half-baked products. It’s a crazy crowd with even crazier options. Instagram is good, and I guess book reviews are something not to be ignored. Thinking of trying that myself. And yes, either a writer enjoys the whole process, or it won’t take much time before he burns out like a not so twinkling star. You have your own special calling, and that’s yours to act upon. Nobody should tell you otherwise. Good to hear from you.

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