It Ain't Right Till I Write

Pimped My Goddesses – Flash Fiction Story

The upper body of a woman covered in copper sparkly paint
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I am the only color in a mass of black and grey.

Orange shirt, green trousers, mustard shoes with purple laces. A cigarette hangs from my lips, unlit. I have no intention of lighting it. My lungs deserve better. I am an image in the making. A loner artist on his way to stardom.

The black and grey mass revolves around me. I am the new sun, discovered days ago on a dirty street corner. Men in tuxedos, women in flowing gowns. They are here for me. I am the dazzling star of the evening.

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I’m Going To Die Laughing – 300 Word Story

An animatronic man's head laughing with mouth wide open
Reading Time: 2 minutes

‘I’m going to die laughing.’

Some of you may say – Bravo! That’s the spirit!

But that’s not the intention of my statement.

My laughter will literally be the end of me. It’s going to get me killed.

Usually quiet and sullen, I only laugh when I’m disturbed and anxious.

Nervous laughter has been my paramour, and the more I try to hide it, the more aggressive it gets.

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On My Way To Disneyland – Flash Fiction Story

A daytime view of the Disneyland's Magic Kingdom castle
Reading Time: 2 minutes

‘It’s just a chair.’

I looked at my mother, her lips tightly pressed together, arching like a rainbow with no colors. She looked worried. I, her son, the reason.

‘It’s everything to me.’

My voice sounded meek, ashamed, but a bitter truth seldom evoked pride. My chair was my haven. It had held me, supporting the imbalance of my joys and sorrows.

It had been there to hold my brokenness.

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The Greatest Gambler – Flash Fiction Story

A black and white image of a man, face not shown, in a sleeveless jacket holding a deck of cards
Reading Time: 2 minutes

He was and remains the greatest gambler of all time.

It wasn’t the way he held his cards or could read the faces of his opponents.

There was a gilded edge to his talent, classic and beautiful, yet unexplainable.


One look and a person’s thoughts lay naked in front of him.

The world had suffered mass destruction, only a few remained to tell tales of long-gone days.

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Almost A God – Flash Fiction Story

The front bumper of an old and rusted Chevy
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I left home with no intention of returning.

An empty house doesn’t qualify as a home, bricks and wood don’t talk to you. The only voices I heard were in my head. Their unkindness will die with me.

I needed fresh air, a change of scenery, a reason to believe that forty-four years hadn’t been a waste.

My old Chevy didn’t take too kindly to my decision. It wasn’t used to spinning its wheels, its rusty frame a stubborn piece of junk. But we got along fine, and about five miles out it knew resistance was futile.

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How I Reincarnate as a Writer – One Story at a Time

An abstract black and white image of a woman with a shaved head, her upper half face blurred
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Hello! Good to have you here!

It’s been some time since I’ve written about my writing eccentricities. My personal ones are as colorful, but I’ll save them for another day. They’re definitely not going anywhere.

Writing fiction is not just building a plot with characters. It’s getting under the skin of the story, fusing oneself with the elements, surrendering to the powerful current of thoughts and emotions.

A story has been compared to the human anatomy.

Plot is the bones, characters are the muscles, and prose is the flesh.

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I Only Say MEOW – Flash Fiction Story

The headshot of a man with the ears and face of a cat
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every time I open my mouth, I regret doing so.

Apparently, I have no communication skills.

All the money spent by my parents on the finest schools, a sheer waste. If they were still alive, I would’ve broken the news to them gently.

My present family scoffs at my attempts at conversation. My words bring out the best in their hideous natures. Their contempt well expressed through their words.

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Two Left Feet – Flash Fiction Story

A shirtless man dancing in red lighting
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I have two left feet, three left arms, and a non-functioning lobe in the left side of my brain.

Sounds sad?

It’s more embarrassing.

My mother was horrified, my father was unconcerned, my younger brother rubbed salt in my wounds all the time.

We were a family of artists.

My father a painter, my mother a writer, my brother a budding singer.

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A Family Man – Flash Fiction Story

Black and white image of a wrecked ship in water
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The man in the oversized cap looked at me as if something were missing.

‘Where’s your family?’

I couldn’t get away with a lie.

‘It’s just me.’

If the ship hadn’t been sinking, the man would’ve given me an earful. But words and time were precious.

‘Move to the back! Families evacuate first!’

Before I could act, angry hands pulled me back, making way for men, women, children bound by blood, lawfully stitched together.

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The Hypochondriac – Flash Fiction Story

A doctor in a surgical cap and mask giving a thumbs up
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I sat twiddling my thumbs. My foot shook like it was determined to fall off.

This was my fourth visit to the doctor in nine days.

It excluded my ambulance ride to the emergency room. Turned out to be acidity instead of a heart attack.

Damn that spicy pasta!

There were three patients ahead of me. I was sure none of them were suffering like I was. Today could be the last day of my life.

The receptionist called out a name. It should’ve been mine. Where was compassion when you needed some?

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