It Ain't Right Till I Write

My Only Child Hope – Flash Fiction Story

A newborn baby wrapped in blue cloth
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I had brought her home on a wet monsoon day.

Her new, tender body wrapped in blue. It was my favorite color. I named her Hope. She would eliminate the darkness.

She smelled of powder and lavender. Her hair were strands of silk, so soft, I was afraid to brush them. Those hazel eyes gazed at nothing yet in them I saw everything.

Her first laugh, her endless cries, the urgency to outgrow the safety of my arms.

Yet as she grew, I recognized that she was different.

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Killer Kanha Came Calling – Short Story

A pair of hands covered in blood
Reading Time: 5 minutes

She often wondered whether time had taken a wrong turn and left her stranded in a dark abyss. His face drifted in front of her, mostly in her dreams, always out of her reach. When awake, she couldn’t help but worry, fearing for the future, more her own than his. Even their phone calls had been short, almost wordless, his mood a confusing riddle.

Could it be that he had murdered again?

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I’m Vodka, He’s Beer-Short Story

A glass of vodka with a lemon in it and red lighting
Reading Time: 2 minutes

‘You’re emotionally dead.’

One sip and a long sigh.

‘You’re intellectually impaired.’

Two sips and a soft grunt.

Vodka and beer are two drinks that should never be mixed. Their drinkers should also be kept apart. But who knew that he and me would never be a picture of compatibility.

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Mama Is My Savior

A painting of mother Mary and baby Jesus
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mama says if I want to see God, I have to go to church every Sunday morning.

But I think she’s mistaken.

Because all I ever see is a fat preacher yelling about the devil and us sinners.

You shall burn in the fires of HELL!

Your lying tongues will drop from your mouths!

Thorns will grow upon the skin of cheaters!

I don’t see the point.

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The Kissing Maiden-Flash Fiction Story

A woman's pair of puckered red lips
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Her lips were envied by the mighty and the weak.

They were also adored and worshipped. Haunting ballads described them as magical, professing their power as life-giving and lethal.

She wasn’t born from nobility, rather handpicked from hostility. An orphan with no past or future, a gift to the ones who possessed her.

A throne was carved from ivory and she was placed upon it. She sat with her head high, her golden crown gleaming like a halo.

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Elvis Presley Always Makes Me Cry – Flash Fiction Story

Black and white image of Elvis Presley singing and dancing

Reading Time: 2 minutesHow can you lose what you never had?

I tell myself when I’m feeling sad…

Elvis Presley was a legend. But this song makes me wonder whether legends are just extraordinary people with ordinary problems.

Heartache, loneliness, regrets, misconceptions, all twined into a big ball of mess. Something you try to roll away, but it rolls back bigger in size, and messier than ever. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Honorable Drug Lord

A man in a cap lighting a cigar

Reading Time: 2 minutesMy father is a respected gangster.

I’m just a pathetic thug.

But I was born with credibility entrenched in my genes. I’m Simon Lobo’s only biological son.

My father had other children, but they weren’t his. They were offspring of the streets, stuck to its asphalt like chewed and spit out gum. My father scraped them off, giving them homes and a reason to live.


Not to consume but to peddle and smuggle. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Traitor John

A white bearded man holding his head and screaming

Reading Time: 2 minutesI am John’s brain. And I never shut up.

Not even for a second.

The man thinks he’s tormented. I say he’s blessed.

What use is a brain if it’s dull and quiet? Why carry the extra weight if its services aren’t required?

But John doesn’t understand. It’s not his fault exactly. It’s that stupid heart of his. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Too Much Beauty

Strands of orange saffron against a purple background

Reading Time: 2 minutesToo much beauty is a painful thing.

I grew up in a small village. It was beautiful.

Clean air, fragrant lands, a never-ending sky that bled beautiful colors with every rising and setting sun. But it wasn’t just what one saw. The beauty could also be felt.

The people were beautiful too.

They were prisms that refracted beauty into its most magnificent traits. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Come To Me

Face silhouette of a woman against the setting sun in the background

Reading Time: 2 minutesCome to me.

You’re a man in need.

Shh…be quiet. No one must know.

Your secrets are safe with me. They’ll never see the light of day.

Leave behind your name and age. Everything looks the same in the darkness.

You want to speak. I’ve heard too many tales. Let me drink from your lips till you’re empty. Keep On Reading!

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