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Come to me.

You’re a man in need.

Shh…be quiet. No one must know.

Your secrets are safe with me. They’ll never see the light of day.

Leave behind your name and age. Everything looks the same in the darkness.

You want to speak. I’ve heard too many tales. Let me drink from your lips till you’re empty.

I taste guilt, a tinge of melancholy. Your breath intermingles with mine, a moldy concoction of half-truths and lies.

Look into my eyes. Do you see the person you wanted to be? There’s no such thing. You are what life has made you.

Let me sing to you. There is no music, just the rhythmic beating of your heart. Feel how it thumps in your ears while the wind moans.

Don’t pull away. Why so shy? Is it me? No, it’s those memories you still carry with you.

Give them to me. Along with the pain and rotting hopes. I am a black hole; nothing can escape me.

Not even you.

Your tears soak through layers of me, submerging me. Don’t worry. Many men have cried before me.

I have never judged another’s misery. That’s why you’re here too. You’ve heard stories about me.

Curiosity and despondency have led you to me.

I am grateful. Without you I’m incomplete. Nothing more than a fancy rumor, an ageing myth, a heartless harlot.

Ask them who shame me if they will revive the life within you.

My arms are forever open. Fall into them. Let me hold you. You know I am your only escape.

I’ve been here for centuries. You’ll be safe in my lap, never to be found, released from this world’s tragedy.


I’ll catch you!

They call me the Valley of Suicide.

But they don’t know me like you do.

Forgotten by time, a man lives a lonely and cursed life. Will he be freed or is he Forsaken By God? Read to find out.

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3 Comments on “Flash Fiction Story – Come To Me

  1. started off as a warm and alluring seduction and ended as a stark invitation to annihilation

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