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Remember when you were growing up?

Oh! Too far back to remember?


Well…as a child you were at some point or the other looking for attention and praise. And the people you most sought it from were probably your parents.

Obviously when you’re young, siblings aren’t the right ones to turn to for support. They’re just about as confused as you are, and trying to always make you look bad in the eyes of parental authority.

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When in reality, all you were probably doing was offering your sister a sip of some leftover lemonade.

Do you remember the proud moment when you first rode your bicycle without training wheels? It was probably equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest.

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Your eyes searched for that look of love and that smile of appreciation.

And most likely it was your mother who was the first person to acknowledge your efforts and triumphs.

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So now that you’re all grown up, and can fend for yourself, you don’t need those glances of reassurance, or those words of encouragement.



Of course you need them! You may have grown up, but you’re still vulnerable as a human being. Humans need constant reassurance to reinforce their beliefs and keep away their doubts. Endowed with minds that are freakishly sensitive, humans respond well to positive stimuli. It acts as a mood booster and a stress buster.

And if you didn’t realize where I was headed, I now stand at the point where all writers have been at some time during their lives.



It’s the beginning of a writer’s ‘writing journey’, and the onset of the eternal season of writing.

Yet when faced with this fork in the road, how many of you have looked back over your shoulders, and asked for confirmation?

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Also, how many of you have turned to the woman who has been showering you with compliments your entire life?

NO!! Not the hot red-head from your stupid dreams!!

(Are you kidding me?)

I’m talking about your mother.

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The one and only person who has been rooting for you since the day you were born.

How many of you writers have silently prayed for her nod and approval to make yourself feel worthy of your writer status?

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Bringing this article to a conclusion, and finally stating the crux of the matter – each person relies on a booster to see them through the tough times, and maneuver them through the choppy seas.

This booster could be your mom, dad, uncle, friend, dog, candy bar, imaginary friend (???), or even the little voice that echoes inside your head.

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Get my drift?

Whatever makes you snap, crackle, pop…as a writer you must never STOP!

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