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They called him Donation Man. The one who came and gave.

He uttered not a word from his mouth. There was no expression on his face.

His assistant always walked three steps behind him, head bent, shoulders drooped, as if his soul bore the brunt of the charity being offered.

Food, medicines, clothes, household items, and objects that no one could imagine.

A bench at the temple, a fan for the women’s shelter, the drinking fountain at the hockey stadium, and three toilet seats for the public bathroom.

He came with much and left with nothing. But Donation Man ensured his mark upon everything. His name branded every article. Each object exhibited the letters of his illustrious moniker.

Anonymity was a sin. What was the point of giving if no one knew where it came from?

There was no free trade in the name of philanthropy.

Donation Man was accountable too. His account was being written by the Holy One up there. After this life, Heaven would be the next agenda. He could not risk leaving without an advance booking in place.

Shailendra Om Mahavaidya.

Donation Man’s name was not only a mouthful but required sufficient space to be written.

And often his assistant faced tiny dilemmas when printing his boss’s name on items with sparse area.

Pencils, matchsticks, needles, toothbrushes, newborn’s socks, electrical wires.

There was no discrimination when it came to giving as long as Donation Man’s name went on living. He cared little for propaganda other than the display of his mighty initials.

Years sprinted, and he gave more and more. Time was running out, but not his possessions.

Donation Man finally passed on from this world to the next. It was, after all, inevitable. But his legacy remains intact. His name goes on. And you may have come across him.

That toilet paper you just tossed away. The bowl you just peed in.

Donation Man’s name has been honored again. His liberated soul says thank you.

He wants to marry her. But doesn’t know how to say it. He’s been practicing That Crazy Proposal but it’s not as you might see it.

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32 Comments on “Donation Man – Flash Fiction Story

  1. Gosh, it worried me I share the same DM as this character….I certainly don’t go round carving DM on bananas I give to the homeless

  2. Terveen the DM was a selfless man and he just gave and gave never once asking for anything nor wanting to be in the limelight. A person who is selfless never makes a show but does it selflessly. Great post and story.

    • Thank you! I learned something new today. Had a thorough read on it. And you’re very right. Ego and power gone in a blink of an eye. Death doesn’t discriminate.
      Thanks again. 🙂

    • Haha! Yes, his name will go on and on. The greed to be in the limelight even when the body has become dust.
      Thank you so much, Shobana! 🙂

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  4. Hahaha, that’s so funny. “tiny dilemmas when printing his boss’s name on items with sparse area.” LOL. I can’t help laughing. “That toilet paper you just tossed away. The bowl you just peed in.” This ending is entertaining…

    • Haha! It’s a funny dilemma. So much importance given to a name that has no meaning once a person’s dead and gone. And the pursuit of Heaven is really a tricky game.
      Thank you so much. 🙂

  5. lol love it! (and secretly thankful for my short name and desire to do good deeds with out advertisement)

  6. I always feel a little suspicious of people who give with clear motives which are more for themselves rather than for others. But still, I guess we should always still be grateful that donations are being made and items are going where they are need to go whatever the story behind it. I feel a little conflicted I’m not sure if his name being left on everything is something he deserves to be remembered by for his giving or if it was done on routine as he was slowly just saving up his chips to get to heaven and won’t mean much after he passes. It’s interesting food for thought. I wonder if somewhere in the world there is a child who recieved one of his items and doesn’t know who he is but still treasures the unknown name on the gift as if it was written just for them. They’d maybe dream every night about who the mystery giver was. Little would they know that there were hundreds of items out there exactly like theirs.

    • Simone, I’m impressed by the way you’ve swung your thoughts around this. A child cherishing the gift and the name upon it. As if it were personalized for him or her. That’s really a beautiful thought. A reminder of pure gratefulness. I know Donation Man is a dicey character, giving to the lesser fortunate, but with intent of being remembered and also earning brownie points for Heaven. But at least he’s helping those who need it. There are many who don’t care to spare even a penny. That in itself makes the man better in many ways. Issues like these always have many perspectives and angles to them. And we choose them according to our own ideals and experiences. But the spirit of giving must remain so that those in need can benefit from it. Lots of love and many thanks for the beautiful and insightful comment. 🙂

  7. A donation doesn’t need to come from an altruistic place in order to be useful, especially if it serves those in need. His need to brand the gifts (that he seeks no repayment for) is a matter between him and his god, and shouldn’t be the concern of any man, woman or child…as long as the name isn’t engraved or embossed on the toilet seat, leaving an impression in the flesh of those who sit upon it. I’d take issue with having a man’s name on my backside every time I sought a little relief.

    I wonder, do all your characters share the same world? What an interesting place that would be to visit.

    Stellar work, Terveen.

    • Haha! That’s a funny picture to imagine. And think about the discomfort while trying to expel some waste. Biting into the rear.
      I think giving is giving. Have your name or face upon it. At least it’s reaching the person intended. But then comes the thought of the logic behind having one’s name upon items that aren’t meant for one’s own personal use. Is bribing God and trying to strike a spiritual deal merely a display of arrogance?
      And the world with these characters would be a bit unsafe. Wouldn’t want to run into all of them at the same place.
      Thanks so much, Rhyan! 🙂

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