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How many of you write for a living?
How many of you write to fulfill a deep passion?
How many of you write for fun?
How many of you don’t write at all?
Have I pretty much covered a major percentage of the population?

I write professionally…so that makes me a writer…and I also write because…I’m not much of a talker.

Hey, wait a minute…

That doesn’t mean that if you try to have a random conversation with me, I’ll write you a poem instead of talking to you.


Not being much of a talker can also be substituted with the word INTROVERT.



No really, introversion isn’t contagious. Just because I prefer to talk a little less doesn’t mean that I’m damaged or dumb. As I see it, my brain prefers to process information and data simultaneously at multiple levels, and that leads to my tongue taking a backseat while the chaos flutters about in my head.

But does the chaos ever settle? Now that’s something to think and write about.

When the brain is in perpetual overdrive, assimilating one’s thoughts on paper is better than putting them out verbally. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t apply in every scenario.

It’s not like you’re going to ask me how I am, and I’m going to have to write it down before I can get back to you.



Yeah I know, writers can be too dramatic for their own good.

To make things clearer and crisper, I’m going to share with you the 5 Reasons I write more and talk less.

1. There’s chaos in my brain


Now with all this disorder and confusion prancing around, it’s probably better to stay quiet.

2. I find real conversations too boring


But if you want to talk about how I could murder you on the sofa, and put the blame on your two year old, then maybe I’ll break my code of silence.

3. I’m so tired of creating make-believe stories that I’m even more tired of real life drama


When my mind can create so many intense and interesting scenarios, why wouldn’t I shy away from life and its boring layout? Give me something interesting, up and beyond daily life monotony, and I’ll definitely have many things to say.

4. When I’m a writer, the talker in me throws in the towel


Talking or writing…the words are coming out of me. When the writing is done, I need some peace and quiet. Is that a problem?!

5. More talking means less creative thinking


Oh my God! I’ve been talking for an hour. Do you know how many brilliant thoughts have surpassed my conscious and subconscious mind?  I could’ve done something awesome with them! What a waste of time!


With lesser talking, I increase my depth of listening.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m very concerned about you.

It probably means that I’m gathering raw material and data that I’ll shake, whip, beat and mold into ideas for my future stories.

So the next time, I’m sitting with you with a peculiar glazed look in my eyes, nodding my head while you speak, I’m just trying to figure out how many words it would take to fit you and your story in an interesting corner of the chaos already brewing in my head.

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