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A writer and a reader are destined to bond over a plethora of words. 

WORDS bring the two together, and initiate them into a close yet undefinable relationship. A writer’s purpose is incomplete without a reader. And a reader is just a reader by name if he or she has nothing to read.

Yet when it comes down to understanding one another, a writer and reader don’t seem to speak the same language.

It’s as if writers are from MARS, and readers are from VENUS.

Could this be because a writer and a reader don’t think on the same lines?

For a writer, his words are his young ones, born from his creative flow, his pride and joy. While for a reader, the words he reads are his creative crutch, a support to lean on so that he can walk away from the chaos and gloom of the real world.

However, if both a writer and reader are charmed by the words they share, then why do they still stand divided in their thinking and outlooks?

The reason for this could be that both ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE separate individuals who are unable to merge their attitudes and opinions.

A writer is the creator, while the reader is the sustainer.

Neither one can survive without the other, yet this does not prevent either from presuming that their respective role is greater.

Despite catering to different whims and fancies, this relationship is surviving and flourishing. Let’s take a look at TEN major aspects that place a WRITER-READER bond in the correct perspective.


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars


writers are from mars

Varying moods, opinions, and beliefs contribute to this lively and AT TIMES turbulent relationship. When two entities are bonded by a common thread, it’s only natural that they explore the strength and elasticity of this thread.

Writers will always be the performers, yet readers will never agree to be the silent spectators. The GIVE and TAKE will equally rest upon the robust shoulders of both, and the journey of creativity will only progress if a harmonious relationship is maintained.

‘I WRITE, YOU READ’ can only flourish if a writer and reader acknowledge each other’s presence, and respect each other’s opinion.

So even if Writers are from MARS, and Readers are from VENUS, they can continue to coexist peacefully on planet EARTH.

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