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We often try to relate to the pain of others.

Little realizing that it’s not ours to own or compare.

But what does one say when trying to offer comfort or show compassion?

Sometimes, the hard truth may be the best words to convey.

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The dark glasses and the invisible cloak of ‘stay away from me’. We all wore them in some way or the other when we first entered this white-walled hall. It was a cleansing ground. A place for gradually dismissing the burdens we carried – whiten those blackened souls. Some did it better […]

I Don’t Know What it’s like to be You — Gobblers & Masticadores

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15 Comments on “I Don’t Know What it’s like to be You — Gobblers & Masticadores – Flash Fiction

  1. Written with tenderness and compassion, Terveen. There is an old saying about not knowing someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. I think this is a great illustration of that.

  2. An amazingly painful and sad write, which showcases the depth of human pain, and the heights of empathy and compassion. Excellent. 😊

  3. This hit me right in the feels. How good you touch on the subject of mourning and how people deal with it. Sometimes the best way to show empathy is to say you don’t know how the person may feel.

    • Thanks so much for being onboard with this thought and feeling. It’s so difficult to understand another’s sorrow especially when grief has many aspects and levels to it. It’s better to be honest and lend a compassionate ear.

  4. Beautiful and poignant writing, Terveen! Wonderfully weaved, and the last line leaves a powerful impact.

  5. We often feel something or say something without really know the person concerned. That’s just an unfortunate aspect of life. If we know the true story, we would be shocked and we would feel very differently and would have said different things…

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