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Hey, why so glum? Oh, is it because you’re a Writer bum? Well, maybe you should stop beating that Writer Drum, and just drown yourself in a bottle of rum.

What!! Who you calling scum? I’m as dumb as you are for lounging in the Writer’s Slum.

Writers really are a funny lot…Whether it’s you, me, or Ben Apricot.

Never heard of him? Neither have I…And that’s how we all will probably die.

Unknown, Unrecognized, with dreams in our hearts, and faded stars in our eyes.

Yes, it was grand to start out with the Writer brand, and skip to the groovy beats of the whacky Writing Band. But, somewhere along the way, ideas began to sway, and words turned into nothing and that’s how they threaten to stay.  

All those cups of coffee, and the ooey gooey toffees only led to overdoses of caffeine and sugar.

A writing career began resembling a bitter dream, and afterthoughts silently screamed, maybe that coffee could have done with a little more sugar and cream.

Page after page, white after white, who turned off the inner creative light?

It all seemed like a crooked game, where was the so-called money and fame? Could it have been a trick or a really huge mistake, wagering everything on writing, putting it all at stake?

As time went by, the words managed to fly, yet no one bothered to read them, neglect and shame made them die.

Writers without words are like half-mad birds, they flutter and flop, and feel assaulted like a black-belt’s karate chop.

With nothing but a useless WRITER name tag, we still continue to boast and brag:

Heyyy, I’m a Writer…is our punchline, and it’s more disastrous than a field filled with landmines.

What have you written, where can it be seen, why aren’t you famous, when will you be as noticeable as the Queen? Questions come and go, but a Writer will never know what to say, how to explain it, almost everything resembles a horrendous freak show.

In the eyes of the world, Writers are nothing but dreamers, in other words they can also be called under-achievers. Writing isn’t much of a job, it could be a hobby or passion, and most silly writers have long gone out of fashion.

And as we stand to be mocked and ridiculed, we steadily run out of premium Writer’s fuel.

Then the day arrives when we finally open our eyes, and sadly realize that we are tormented souls draped in an ill-fitting Writer’s disguise.

Any guesses for who deserves the ultimate Writer’s Prize?

Just relax, sit back, and appreciate a writer’s colorful display of what it feels like to be subjected to unforgiving Writer’s Shame.













So, to all those Writers out there, (including me), let the world think and say what they may.

Still unsure? It’s a disease without cure, just keep your head clear, and aspirations pure.

The next time, you think that writing isn’t for you, let me subtly say this, you have no other clue what to do. Sure you can be a unicorn, and claim that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Let your imagination run wild, it’s a part of your inner child.

But don’t tell too many tall tales, or it may land you in a high security jail.

Stick to writing, it does involve some backbiting, but at least it’s better than most jobs, and a wee bit more exciting.


2 Comments on “Shame is thy Second Name, Writer!

  1. Nice… Very creative. It makes a lot of sense. Looking back, when I was working on my first few comics, people thought I am nuts… And a loser. They probably still think the same. 🙂

    • Let’s leave the thinking and judging to people…and let’s get some awesome work done. Not everyone is gifted with creativity. Thanks a lot!!!

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