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An Ideal life…An Ideal partner…An Ideal child…An Ideal job…

All of us have grown up in a Real world with Real people and Real emotions.

Yet how many of us have been fed Ideal storiesshown Ideal scenarios, and pushed to follow an Ideal path?


Ideal is really an ideal word in itself.

Perfect, supreme, flawless, these words don’t even match up to the class and respect that their synonymous cousin ‘Ideal’ radiates. Ideal has been the center stage attraction of all worldly drama since the beginning of time and its tick-tock ways.

But what exactly does Ideal mean? Is Ideal an indicator of a certain standard or benchmark? Does Ideal set the bar at a particular height? Who knows WHAT is Ideal, and HOW this Ideal can be attained?


Ideally, let’s try to make things a little clearer. Maybe an Ideal Story with Ideal characters written by an Ideal writer could shed some Ideal light –

Once upon an Ideal time, there was an Ideal couple. They had an Ideal baby who they named Tim. Tim grew up in an Ideal household with an Ideal sister. When Tim turned five, he was sent to an Ideal school where he made Ideal friends. His teachers were Ideal educators who taught Tim all the Ideal subjects, and prepared him for Ideal tests that would help him get into an Ideal college. After Tim graduated from college, he found an Ideal job that would pay him an Ideal salary. Ready to open his heart to an Ideal woman, Tim began looking for a girlfriend. After a few hits and misses, Tim fell in love with Joy who would then become his Ideal wife. Since Tim was the Ideal husband, he provided Joy with all the Ideal necessities and comforts; a big house, a snazzy car, beautiful jewelry, designer clothes, and exotic vacations. Their love was Ideal, and from this love came an Ideal child, a beautiful baby girl. As time passed, and responsibilities grew, Tim and Joy’s ideal arguments took an ugly turn. They bickered and cribbed all the way to the court house, where they fought an Ideal divorce battle, and Joy walked away with an Ideal amount of alimony. Tim, depressed and desperate, wandered the streets looking for some Ideal relief. He drowned himself in Ideal amounts of alcohol, and turned to random women to satiate his Ideal hurt and sorrow. Within a few years, Tim found love again, and this time he and his new wife settled in an Ideal city, and began an Ideal life all over again. When Tim died at an Ideal age, his funeral was an Ideal display of love, sadness, and cherished memories. Ideal eulogies floated in the air, while Ideal tears were shed for an Ideal man who had started life on an Ideal note, and ended it at an Ideal stage.

What an Ideal THE END!

However, one thing remains a mystery in my mind, and I’m sure your minds too…


What would be the Ideal definition of Ideal in Tim’s story?

Life presented Tim with various situations and problems. Tim faced and handled these situations and problems with the knowledge and experience he had at those particular points of time.

Were they Ideal or not, who has the power or experience to say?

What if Tim had been born with one limb instead of two, would his parents have loved him any lesser?

If Tim had studied in a public school instead of a private one, would he have not found friendship that was dear to his heart?

How about meeting the love of his life? Suppose Joy had suffered from epilepsy, would she have been labeled defective and unworthy of Tim’s love?

Who decides what is Ideal? Not just in Tim’s story, but in every person’s story.

Is it Mr. God?

What?? God’s a woman? Okay… Ms. God…

The point is, when a person is born, does he or she come with a prewritten manual that actually specifies the Ideal path of his or her life?

Because if that’s true, then I need to report a missing manual.

Numbers speak in this world, whether it be money or people. The greater the count, the more audible are the voices.


When the majority SAYS that fair skin is better than dark skin, then ideal beauty begins with a fairer complexion.

Chunks of society BELIEVE that getting married by thirty is Ideal for happier marriages. So let’s all jump on to the Wedding Wagon, whether we want to or not.

Parents, all across the world, WANT their children to go to college so that they can earn a living the Ideal way. Unemployment isn’t an issue, just get that butt through that college door!

Idealism has been tossed around for centuries, passed from one generation to the next like a family heirloom. Redundant thoughts and ideas have been drummed into naïve minds, and repetitive actions have been burdening this world with darkness and monotony.

You don’t even have to step out of your house to be a victim of something Ideal. Idealism is all around you. It’s stepping on your toes, it’s spitting in your face, it’s shoving you to the ground, and punishing you for thinking outside the box, or choosing the path that has no obvious direction.


Stop trying to be Ideal! It’s NOT humanly possible.

Wipe away those tears and sweep away that regret!!

I wish…I should’ve…I hoped for…I wanted…destroy these hopeless words before they completely destroy your peace of mind!

The word Ideal has been created by man for the convenience of man.

What?? OKKAAY…Ideal has been created by women for the convenience of women…

Happy now?

** Feminists!!**

Live your life! Deal with your life!

Forget about IDEAL, and embrace an ‘I DEAL’ attitude when taking life in its stride.

Make as many mistakes as you can.

Eventually, those very mistakes will grab you by the neck and lead you towards the island of ‘SELF-REALIZATION’ where you will be replenished with strength and better judgment. But you may have to pass through ‘IDIOT-LAND’ and cross the bridge of ‘STUPIDITY’ to get there.


Just as theoretical definitions fill the pages of books, practical definitions fill the minds of people.

There is NO Ideal way, there is NO right way.

It’s all a gamble, life is a complete gamble. You get what you’re served, and then you build upon that in the best way possible.

But, who knows about this ‘best way’?

Elementary, my dear Watson…that would be YOU and only YOU!

What?? Noooo…Watson wasn’t a woman…Seriously…

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