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If I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have liked myself one bit.


I’m just plain nasty. Mean. Sarcastic. Arrogant. Selfish. Bad listener.

Oh. A whiskey drinker. Nothing wrong with that. But it does make me nastier.

And I love to make excuses. Refer to the above line. Alcohol doesn’t spark bad behavior.

Good thing I’m not a liar.

My parents raised me well. Love, care, security, and a lavish display of manners. Lying, cheating, and greed were abominable sins. God bless their souls for trying to make me an honorable man.

But some bad apples can never transform their basic natures.

You may say I was spoiled. No. I have two other siblings to vouch for that. They are downright friendly, cheerful, and too forgiving. When they’re in the vicinity even the air seems cooler and fresher.

They say I should be better. I say – next time just write me a letter. So I won’t have to look at a pair of annoying faces.  

Why am I such an unpleasant sight? Beats me. Could be a karmic reaction. Past life syndrome.

See. Another excuse. I make them from dawn to dusk. Keeps me from drowning in my sour mood.

If you’re thinking – what a sore loser. I’ll have you know I’m a successful restaurateur. Money isn’t the issue. My home is bigger and grander than that box you probably live in.

Women have been my weakness. But when their mouths stay appropriately closed. I don’t understand what’s there to discuss. Tongues were made for much better business.

I hear those groans and repulsive comments. Go on. I’ll just roll my eyes at you.

Do you think a man like me cares for bitter judgments?

And I’m not alone. My circle of friends, if not worse, are just like me. Men and women looking for similar distastefulness. We share and compare and release our negative vibes. Complimenting one another on our give-a-damn attitudes.

At times, lonely nights are the only intervals for forced reflections. I toss and turn, prying myself loose from thoughts of being nicer and kinder.

Who needs that?

I’m fine the way I am. Never smiling. Ever complaining. Give me my solitude. I’ll spare you the indignity of my callous temper.

You’re happy, I’m grumpy. We can coexist freely. Obviously, me on a much superior level. Your plainness is no match to my spectacular nature.

But yes, I agree. If I wasn’t me, I would’ve hated myself with a brutal vengeance.

Who would condone such ridiculous nonsense?

Oh yes. I’m also a hypocrite.

They Left Me Here To Die. That’s their biggest mistake. Now it’s time for payback. I will get even.

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24 Comments on “I’m Just Plain Nasty – Flash Fiction Story

    • Thank you so much, Shobana. Nasty is a negative term with a lot of potential. I guess its scope depends a lot on the who, when, where, and why. And we all have nasty sides to us. But how much do we allow them to get out? That’s a risky question. 🙂

  1. Please don’t bother introducing me to your nasty friend. I have enough of those already.

    • Lol! Okay. I’ll just sit quietly in the corner. Can’t vouch for the nasty one though…
      Just try to steer clear.
      Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. World is full of nasty people one more will not matter.Traits off nastiness are very well explained .love the post

    • Yes, the world is a mix of many types of people. Let’s not forget most have some sort of nasty side. I guess that’s where I dug deep to find so many nasty possibilities.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Jeez he looks a nasty character……do people actually do photoshoots to illustrate stories like yours? Must be good money in it….

      • Yep, there’s a lot of money paid to be a Perc and Stan….will admit that under the bridge one set me on edge…imagine the cost to the film company….

  4. Here we have a high level of awareness and acceptance about one’s own “nastiness.” You’ve flipped the script on this one, Terveen. I love it. 😊

    • I agree! He’d be such a royal pain in the derriere.
      Tough to sit down after that. Lol!
      Thank you so much. 🙂

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  6. This was an interesting look into the mind of someone who acts like this. He has no clear rhyme or reason for the way that he is – he simply is this way. I’ve always wondered why there are people like this. Why some people merely choose to be bitter and mean when it would take just as much effort to be kind and loving instead. I guess the answer is – sometimes they don’t even know why either. I also liked how the main character in the story was addressing the audience directly – it was almost as if I was a psychologist hearing him explain his behaviour to me, or I was a strager sitting next to him at the bar and he’d decided to open up to me.

    • Simone, I think many people live their lives not knowing who they really are or what they really want. It’s just one motion after the other, and the purpose is never clear. Some live behind made up personas while others never dig deep enough to see themselves in a different light. And society just makes adjusting and adapting even more cumbersome. Yes, there are lots of bitter people. Why are they the way they are? Like you said – even they don’t know. Some take it out on themselves while others take it out on others. Complexity of the human nature. Thank you so much for your lovely, observant, and wise comment. 🙂

  7. Hi Terveen, I confess that this left me puzzled. Your character says he is not a liar, but he is clearly lying to himself about being ‘fine’ the way he is.
    Excellent writing, and it started me thinking which is, I believe, all a writer can ask for in Microfiction.
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.

    • I think for some ‘fine’ is also a misconception. Thank you so much for reading and the kind words. And I look forward to reading your wonderful stories. 🙂

  8. LOL. “I am not a liar” is the best lie a liar can tell. Your writing is right on the spot. I know such a guy among my acquaintances. He’s from a nurturing family with supportive parents and siblings. Very good education and all the great lucks falling on his laps. However he has a savage attitude towards women. On the surface he’s normal as just another guy, but when you know him better, he’s selfish, hypocritical, bigoted and all the rest. A person can look very normal on the outside, but if he or she has a dark heart, there’s nothing one can do about it.

    • Sometimes, it’s just better to look the other way. And also maybe just keep one’s distance. Such people have no idea of others’ feelings and they make themselves the center of attraction. I guess it could be low self-worth and the need to feed upon the emotions of others. Whatever, it is never justified.
      Thank you for your sharing and lovely thoughts. 🙂

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