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‘I’m going to die laughing.’

Some of you may say – Bravo! That’s the spirit!

But that’s not the intention of my statement.

My laughter will literally be the end of me. It’s going to get me killed.

Usually quiet and sullen, I only laugh when I’m disturbed and anxious.

Nervous laughter has been my paramour, and the more I try to hide it, the more aggressive it gets.

I remember the first time I encountered this bizarre phenomenon. I was a four-year-old nose picker with no friends. Who wanted to be exposed to the findings of my nose?

Geena, a red-headed teacher’s pet, skidded in the playground, breaking her nose and three front teeth. Blood stained her chin and the ruffles on her dress. All the children cried, I stood and laughed, my finger lodged in my nose.

The laughs were more like barks, bubbling from the meat of my gut. The more I held them down, the more defiant they got. My teacher sent me home, a note pinned to my collar – This boy needs to be taught some manners.

How thoughtless of her.

Now I fear my mannerless shenanigans are towing the goddam line.

I’m on the floor, my wrists and ankles bound together. They should’ve taped my mouth too. But the masked bandits need facts and numbers.

A bank teller for twenty years now, I have access to the bank’s secrets. Not much of a glorious achievement.

The giggles are getting worse and louder. An uncontrollable bout every thirty seconds.


I’m warned, but it’s above and beyond me.

One of them points a gun at me. A clear shot to my forehead. I laugh even harder; tears blotch my cheeks.

There’s a grotesque click. The gun’s trigger.

My eyes close. My mouth opens wider.

He’s been in his chair for too long. It’s time to stand up and move on. On My Way To Disneyland is a story of hope over fear.

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12 Comments on “I’m Going To Die Laughing – 300 Word Story

  1. You’ve tapped into something very real here. Well done.

  2. I liked this disturbing read. It reminded me of the film The Joker because the main character in it has a condition that causes him to laugh uncontrollably at irregular intervals. It’s always interesting considering the different ways humans cope with facing anxiety and disturbing events as well as the potential consequences. Clearly, it makes for a very interesting story. Your writing always entertains me so I just keep coming back for more. <3

    • It’s really fascinating how the human mind works. It has a logical bent and a highly emotional degree of function. And it’s this balance that each individual maintains depending on his or her natural traits, surroundings, circumstances, and influences. Every story is a glimpse of the real. And you must keep returning to be entertained and bedazzled (kidding). Thanks so much! 🙂

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