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Good day to you all!

Hope everyone’s getting along fine. I present to you another flash fiction story published by Gobblers/Masticadores.

This is the story of a poor simpleton and his brother Manu. People and relationships often show the face they want to. The hidden reality not worthy of being revealed.

Please click on the blue link to read the complete story. I hope you enjoy it and connect with it. Cheers!

Hands up! That’s all I had to say. My brother Manu made me practice it a hundred times. Or was it a thousand times? I can’t count. What do I know? Manu says I’m a simpleton. Papa called me an idiot. I remember his last words just before he died. Manu, take […]

Hands Up! By Terveen Gill – Gobblers / Masticadores

34 Comments on “Hands Up! By Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores

  1. This got sad fast, but stuff like this really happens. Their dad was at fault here. He should not have made Manu feel as if he was to take care of his brother all the time. One feels trapped this way, and begins to look for ways to run away. That poor guy did not even learn to fend for himself, and now his brother’s gone. 😔

    • This is the hard truth. Many times, when we’re made to shoulder responsibilities that are beyond our basic capabilities, we are suffocated by dread and hopelessness. This is a complicated situation. Both will suffer. But one more than the other.
      Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. So wonderfully written. It gave me all the feels. The deceit and the betrayal that he’s too dumb to recognize hits hard. At first I was somewhat optimistic that Manu saw his brother’s actions and was reminded of his innocence and decided not to corrupt him. But then when he couldn’t find his home I was like, what an idiot. No wonder you got left behind, dude. Maybe next time know where you live. Really fun story, Terveen!

    • Thanks Tony. 🙂
      There’s an invisible line that separates the bright ones from the not so bright. It’s sad that we all must play with the cards that have been dealt to us. For some, this is a major disadvantage. I wish there’s always hope for the ones who have to depend on someone else for their basic day-to-day living.

  3. Sorry to disagree with the late Mr. Papa but this world is filled with idiots and their proselytizing game is strong because they’re recruiting fresh meat by the boatload on the daily. Soon we’ll be living in an Idiocracy, just you mark my words.

    The answer to the mystery of Manu’s disappearance is simple: it was a controlled Rapture. Anyone worth their salt in the theology field of study knows this. It’s obvious that God needed a bank robber (His reasons being His own) and Manu’s sudden stick-’em-up presence was a godsend, no pun intended.

    While being lost and not knowing the way home puts a damper on events, at least he’s wearing his new shoes, so he should get some good mileage on those soles as he embarks on the grand adventure in the next phase of his existence.

    Always look on the bright side of life.

    • The world is filled with people of differing intellects. If that’s a nice way to say it. Yeah Manu needed an excuse to get rid of his nincompoop brother. Papa did tell him to look after his brother, but then extra responsibility makes many shudder and stumble. What will happen to the not so smart one left behind is another story for another day. It’s not nice to be on the side of the fence where you need to depend on someone for your day-to-day existence.
      Thanks Rhyan. 🙂

      • Make no mistake, I understood the reality of what went down, but in my mind that would have meant that Papa had two sons with intellects not on par with common society.

        I was attempting to give Manu the benefit of the doubt, surely no one, not even a brother who shudders and stumbles at extra responsibility would come up with such a poor plan, one that could have gotten his brother arrested and abused in prison, instead of being abandoned like an unwanted pet.

        But, it is your story, you are the goddess, and I have learned my lesson about attempting to put a positive spin on things. Mea culpa. Consider my hands well and truly slapped for attempting to be so bold.

        Slinking back to my hidey-hole now.

        • I know that you were looking at this story from a wider and a more matter of fact angle.
          Now, I’m wondering what did I write that made you say –
          ‘But, it is your story, you are the goddess, and I have learned my lesson about attempting to put a positive spin on things.’
          Rhyan, I’m lost in comprehension, translation, and perception. You have every right to view the story in a positive light. And that’s the power of storytelling. We each have our own viewpoints and interpretations.
          I didn’t think yours was wrong, I was just sharing the thoughts that came to me at the time of writing.
          And I’ll have to slink into that hidey-hole too. I’ll just slap my hands myself.
          Kindly scoot over. 🙂

          • You are taking this far too seriously, Goddess Terveen, master of all you survey. My comments are typically made in jest (perhaps they’re not particularly funny, I’ll readily admit that) and you should view them as such. I don’t use emojis (personal preference, they’re evil and have destroyed countless worlds in multiple dimensions) so I understand my off-kilter humor may not always land.

            So, do I have to kiss your shoes now? “Terveen, you’re such a talented writer and I admire your work. Please forgive me for any misunderstandings I might have caused with thoughtless remarks.” Is that better? Jeezly crow, what do I have to do to turn back the hands of time so that I never left my initial comment? <~More humor (consider this one properly flagged)

            I do have a question for you, though. Why are you slinking into my hidey-hole? People might get the wrong idea and begin to talk.

            I'm thinking about your reputation, not my own.

  4. This felt quite sad. I loved it. I love that you take your readers on an emotional rollercoaster. Without seatbelts. Will always come back for more.

    • There’s a lot of sorrow in this world. Can’t escape from it. Thank you so much for always reading and appreciating. Means a lot. 🙂

  5. There are more than 70,000 homeless people in New York City, not far from here. Some of them have mental issues; some are just abandoned by their relatives. It makes people feel so sorry for the world. With today’s technology advancement and today’s production efficiency, we can but we just don’t want to take care of the weakest members of the society.

    • Your comment has a lot of heart and soul, Haoyan.
      Those who offer no benefit to us and in turn need our support are branded as useless. They are the weakest members of society for no fault of their own.
      It’s sad.

  6. Oh, this is heartbreaking Terveen. One of the most moving ones I have read of your work. Your words feel so heavy in this story. Well written.

    • Being abandoned by your own is tormenting.
      I appreciate that you connected with this, Vignesh.
      Thank you so much. 🙂

  7. Lovely, insightful story dear Terveen. I appreciate the variety of topics you being out in every story. Really makes for a great read! Stay blessed! ❤️❤️🙏

    • Thank you so much, Diana. 🙂
      There are so many stories to be told. Each a world of its own. Much peace and good wishes to you.

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