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Writers can be quite demure and subdued. This could be due to the ‘writer thoughts’ that burden their minds, and keep them in a perpetual state of ‘creative delirium’.

An occasional nod, a quivering grin, and a hardly noticeable twitch in the shoulder are some signals that writers transmit when deeply buried under the weight of their own words. But don’t be fooled by this state of equilibrium. 

A writer is far from it.

It’s not the outer stillness that defines a writer. It’s the inner storm that drives him towards the creative peaks of accomplishment and success.

How can CREATIVE MADNESS exist without the CRASH, BANG, and THUDs of a writer’s creative flow?

Writers were, are and will always be a FEROCIOUS bunch.

No, that doesn’t mean that they aspire to kill each other, and set fire to each others’ books.

It means that when writers get down to writing, they are a fiercely creative, productive and guarded lot. Don’t mess with a writer on a MISSION to write.

You probably won’t like what you see.

When writers turn ferocious, they usually aren’t their normal selves.

Writer Uncle Bob is no longer the fun loving Uncle Bob who’ll play catch with you for an hour, and then treat you to pizza afterwards. Sorry, but Writer Uncle Bob isn’t interested in wasting his time with you. And it seems that he may NOT love you anymore. Oh God! He even hates the taste of pizza now!

It’s like a chemical trigger in the brain that transforms a normal human being into a fierce writing machine. One wrong move; and you will be eliminated.

Ferocious Writers could do a great service to people around them by setting up subtle warning signs in advance. Maybe a tiny moat around their desks, or pre-recorded voice messages that would serve to warn naïve intruders to either stay away, or get their poor heads blown to pieces.

ferocious writer

ferocious writer

ferocious writer

ferocious writer

So, if you’ve come to the conclusion that writers are outright rude and obnoxious, then you’re probably RIGHT!

However, writers aren’t just ferocious for the sake of being ferocious. They have every reason to fiercely guard themselves from unwanted intrusions. Writers are simply protecting themselves from being distracted from a job that demands their entire attention, and leaves them literally drained of all their creative energies.

Sure, writing has its rewards, and viewing one’s words on paper is a creative high in itself. But, the process of writing, and the task of completing a well written piece is an endeavor that requires utmost concentration and dedication.

Convincing people, who don’t even know you, to take out time to read your words requires earnest and sincere efforts. And it takes a whole lot of talent and hard work to hook a reader till the last word.

So if you happen to be passing by a writer, or see one engrossed in writing, don’t bother to stop and say hello.

It would be better to turn a blind eye, and keep a safe distance.

Because when writers turn ferocious, there’s no telling what may happen to you.

7 Comments on “When WRITERS turn FEROCIOUS!

  1. A writer is at his ferocious best through his expression…You added a new dimension by reminding your readers not to disturb a writer when a writer is attempting a write.

    Here I shall like to add that you are such a versatile writer who has the capacity to delve into such diverse writes with a spicy dash of humour.

    Keep going..!!

    • Thanks very much, Vineet for the appreciative words, and for viewing this article in the right light.
      I guess it’s that tiny light bulb in my brain that keeps flickering, and continues to show me the path, and the many other paths that are waiting to be discovered.

  2. Convincing people, who don’t even know you, to take out time to read your words requires earnest and sincere efforts. And it takes a whole lot of talent and hard work to hook a reader till the last word.

    THIS. Best part of the post. It’s frustrating to have friends and family think writing for a blog is easy. It’s bloody hard (in the best way hah).

    • Couldn’t have said it better!
      But, can they really be blamed?
      I guess writing is the opposite of reading…so how hard could it actually be?!
      Now’s a good time to sit and sulk in a corner.
      Love your comments!!
      Now tell me…how hard was it to write one? 😉

      • hahahhaah Writer’s corner. Is that why that’s a recognized and universally understood tagline hahaha. LOVE THAT!

        Love your writing!!

        PS writer’s exaggeration. Writing comes strangely easy to me, but I take great pride in feeling guilty because of that haha 😉

        • You should be proud of that!
          If you’re doing what you love to do, and also are damn good at it, then you’re truly blessed.

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