A Man’s Life by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores // Flash Fiction

A pinkish hued setting sun background with a man standing beneath a tree in the foreground

Reading Time: < 1 minute WELCOME TO TUESDAY FLASH FICTION at GOBBLERS/MASTICADORES! A man reassesses his life. The good, the bad, and the doubts that hang in between. Realization is dawning and acceptance is reaching out its hand. Can someone else’s coaxing or… Read More

Traitor John by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores

Cartoon of a brain falling into a garbage can

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello lovely readers! Hope you’re fit and fine without the extra wine. Welcome to TUESDAY FLASH FICTION at GOBBLERS / MASTICADORES! What happens when the brain just can’t stop speaking? It’s at loggerheads with the heart and won’t… Read More

TAKEN HOSTAGE AGAIN by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores

The yellowed open pages of an old book

Reading Time: < 1 minute READ my Flash Fiction Story – TAKEN HOSTAGE AGAIN. Published by Gobblers/Masticadores. The mind can be a tricky place. It can either benefit you or ruin you. Sometimes, you have no choice or say. Scary…

Sweet January by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores

The yellowed open pages of an old book

Reading Time: < 1 minute Please read Goodbye Sweet January, a flash fiction story written by me and published by Gobblers/Masticadores. I hope you enjoy it! A mother’s heart can never give up. Thank you Ms. Manuela Timofte and Mr. Juan Re Crivello.

I Will Run Away – Flash Fiction Story

A metal statue of a naked man looking back while running away

Reading Time: 2 minutes I will run away. The idea is cemented in my mind. No, there’s nothing you can do to make me stay. If you really cared, this act of reconciliation wouldn’t have been so delayed. You speak of faults… Read More

Those Evil Mirrors – Flash Fiction Story

A woman holding a large piece of an unevenly cut mirror in front of her face and chest

Reading Time: 3 minutes I hate mirrors. They show more than they need to. Every time I pass one, my eyes dart around like scared rabbits. Who wants to see the ugly truth? I don’t. But there’s a mirror everywhere you look…. Read More

And They Were Gone – Flash Fiction Story

A brown colored heart shaped leaf against a peach background

Reading Time: 2 minutes I woke up one morning. And they were gone. Just like that. No goodbye. Or see you later. How did I know? The quiet. It was perfect. Surreal. Delightful.

The Hypochondriac – Flash Fiction Story

A doctor in a surgical cap and mask giving a thumbs up

Reading Time: 2 minutes I sat twiddling my thumbs. My foot shook like it was determined to fall off. This was my fourth visit to the doctor in nine days. It excluded my ambulance ride to the emergency room. Turned out to… Read More

My Only Child Hope – Flash Fiction Story

A newborn baby wrapped in blue cloth

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had brought her home on a wet monsoon day. Her new, tender body wrapped in blue. It was my favorite color. I named her Hope. She would eliminate the darkness. She smelled of powder and lavender. Her… Read More

Flash Fiction Story – A Man’s Life

A black and white close-up of a handsome man's face

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m an honorable man. I live a respectable life. I love myself. These words are not my own thinking. I have bought them at a hefty price. Psychiatrists will never be affordable. They rob you of your money,… Read More

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