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What happens when you live with the devil?

Hell isn’t a concept, it’s the home you wake up in each day.

Could the consequences of abuse and violence be so devastating that…

…another monster is created in the shadow of evil.

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It’s sometimes better when certain people are gone. Their absence is appreciated more than their presence. There’s a peace in knowing they will never return. I killed my father. More for myself than my mother. He was a nuisance, an embarrassment, the reasons for the bruises on my mother’s skin. But he didn’t deserve to […]

Our Own Personal Devil — Gobblers & Masticadores

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15 Comments on “Our Own Personal Devil — Gobblers & Masticadores – Flash Fiction

  1. ‘He died because his madness had lost its significance.’ What a great line, Terveen. This reads like a story that can have many endings. I have a feeling there may be more to come.

    • Thanks so much, Davy. Yes, some things are best left open-ended. And anything without purpose must finally meet its end.

  2. I am reading it as I end my day and must admit, the darkness of it all is so visually scary and horrifying, how do you manage to punch in so much anger and frustration in one minute!!! Hope no one gets a father or a companion like him!

    • Thanks so much, Deepak. So many suffer for no faults of their own. It’s a cruel world with monsters roaming freely. Abuse always leaves its mark in one way or the other.

  3. It is your darkest creation… I think. Parricide does happen in abusive families. The worst problem with bad family relationship is that people don’t feel that they have alternatives. And often abusive parents (especially when the abuse is not physical but rather verbal or emotional) are tolerated by the society and other people don’t usually offer help to the helpless kids.

    • It’s such a sad and desperate situation. Violence and abuse can alter the chemicals of the brain. And the more one tolerates and keeps within, the more dangerous is the outcome. Abuse often repeats itself as if it’s handed down. Thank you, Haoyan, for all your sharing and caring. 🙂

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