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The hands that cradle me are confident, protective. They lay me down gently. I relish the soft extravagance.

My body is new, fours days old, but my soul has been around for a while.

Centuries have gone by, and every time I return with a new plan, a thought over agenda.


The body recycles itself, yet the soul remains constant.

And in this new body I must justify my return, accomplish my sole purpose.


There is no mild way to say this. An eye for an eye, a life for a life.

I am a babe without words, but read my thoughts, and you will find pain and suffering.

The physical wounds buried with my previous body. A broken heart, bewildered brain, all dust now.

But my fractured soul seeks redemption. It will not forget the hurt and humiliation.

The air is cool, yet the warmth is inescapable. A secure home with loving parents. What else could a new life desire?

She has returned. My helpless cries bring her running every time.

I smell her skin. Peaches and strawberry. My mouth latches onto her, and I suck and swallow till I drain the milk from her bosom.

She sings to me. Her voice easy and pleasing. But this pampering cannot fool me. I know her for who she really is.

This woman, my mother, is the demon I have come to vanquish.

She gazes into my sleepy eyes. There I catch a glimpse of our past reality.

Those yellow eyes still haunt me. Twenty-three years imprisoned in a basement, tortured by a maniac, till faith and tolerance deserted me. Dumped in a ditch, never to be accounted for.

I will wait for the right moment. And then destroy her.

All this motherly love will be such a waste.

Her mother is lost in grief. She is bothered by the old woman’s sorrow. My Lack Of Understanding is a surprising revelation.

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19 Comments on “Yellow Eyes Still Haunt Me – Flash Fiction Story

  1. Two souls caught in a reincarnation entanglement, color me impressed!

    It reminds me of a true story I read a while back of a 3-year-old boy telling his father that he liked him better than his “old Daddy” who stabbed him in the back and killed him. Imagine having that memory.

    Anyway, nicely executed, and it makes me anxious to find out whether Revenge Baby carries out his/her/their plan, or if motherly love can eventually smooth the jagged edges of retribution?

    You do yourself proud with this piece.

    • Karmic connections! Such incidents have been documented and are actually astounding. Actually remembering pain from another lifetime. Isn’t pain from one lifetime enough?
      And Revenge Baby sounds like an excellent idea. Who knows who will triumph? I must consider every angle.
      Thank you so much for the stories, wisdom, and words of praise. It means a lot! πŸ™‚

  2. Terveen, this is one of the best that has come from you. Really proud of you.
    They may call revenge ugly but there can be a lot of satisfaction and even pleasure it in.
    This story can be the opening of a novel.

    • Yes, revenge can be satisfying. It has a seductive quality to it. And thank you so much for all your support and appreciation. With every story I feel like I’m evolving as a writer. A novel could be in the making… πŸ™‚

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  4. Torments of a child never go away. Some wait for the right moment to retaliate and in this case it is a scheming of revenge. Powerful story.

    • From childhood to adulthood we carry so much with us. At times, the soul searches for relief, not forgetting the pain of the past. Thank you Shobana for your lovely comment. Reincarnation is a spiritual and supernatural concept.

  5. This story was so riveting that I honestly wouldn’t have minded reading five hundred more pages of it. It would be so interesting to see how it ends, I suppose I must leave it to my imagination to finish the story – sometimes those are the most creepiest ones. A person’s own mind knows their fears better than anyone else, it will seize onto the plot of an open-ended story and paint it with each reader’s personal nightmares. I like how you described the baby’s helplessness to communicate or be able to act for many years to come. It must feel so trapping to be stuck inside a body like that when you have the wisdom of one whole life already. It’s a different kind of prison – but still quite scary. I suppose it’ll all be worth it in their pursuit for revenge.

    • The tiniest idea can transform into the most lavish plans. Who knows where a single word or emotion will take us. I think the concept of reincarnation is fascinating. And I’m sure your imagination could lift so many ideas to the heights of creativity. Though I know you lean more towards art, the craft of writing is also a field you must explore. Imagine what you could do with both. It’s mind-boggling, in a good way.
      Coming back to the story, the baby has an agenda chalked out and it’s only a matter of time before it realizes its plans. But maybe there could be a change of heart or even a more dramatic turn of events. Revenge is the call of the day.
      But that’s the beauty of creativity.
      Thank you always! πŸ™‚

      • I sometimes do combine both, by writing typographic poetry. All of my poetry is quite visual and either is written in the shape of something or follows a visual pattern that reflects the message within the poem. They’re a lot of fun to write!

  6. reincarnation is a supernatural concept, but rarely comes with the connotation of a conscious memory, Maybe deeply root in some sort of way, but never out right, this is for the 1000 years ago!

    Nevertheless, this is well written and provoking. It held my attention pulled me to the end.

    • Thank you so much. πŸ™‚
      The belief in reincarnation holds strong in quite a few religions. It’s said that your karma directs you towards the next life and that past associations and relations are often recycled.
      I do believe that there is a soul, a form of energy, and it is a tiny part of this vast Universe.
      Of course, fiction is overexaggerated imagination. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

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