Goodbye Terry by Terveen Gill — Gobblers / Masticadores // Flash Fiction

Car accident with a car's shattered windshield

Reading Time: < 1 minute WELCOME TO TUESDAY FLASH FICTION at GOBBLERS/MASTICADORES! There’s been an accident and lives are at risk. It’s a fine line between life and death. There’s a voice calling out with a purpose. Find out how things finally end…. Read More

The Dead Woman’s Shawl – Flash Fiction Story

Abstract image of a black silhouette of a woman with her hair standing up and against a red blue background

Reading Time: 2 minutes He held the stick firmly, fingers crisscrossed near the center. It would sturdy his grip and give him authority over the flames that were sputtering but then roaring again when he shifted the burning wood. The embers flickered… Read More

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