Noorie and Steve Forever – Flash Fiction Story

At dusk with the city skyline behind them, the silhouettes of a couple holding hands and leaning backwards

Reading Time: 2 minutes Noorie had found the love of her life. He was Steve, a handsome six-feet-three Caucasian. And in him she had found herself. Remove the ‘Cauc’ and she was revealed, a pretty five-feet-two Asian. They had met at university,… Read More

The Silent Participant – Flash Fiction Story

A man listening into a paper cup held against his ear

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’ll never notice me. Why? Because I keep to myself. Eyes always lowered, back stiff and straight, hands clasped in the prayer posture. It’s my way of saying – I’m unconcerned by your presence. My world is me,… Read More

The Face On My Leg – Flash Fiction Story

A black and white image of a pair of woman's slender legs

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a man’s face on my leg. I’ve tried figuring out if it’s someone I know, but I fail to place the handsome features, or assign a name to the beautiful stranger. But he can’t be unknown to… Read More

The Greatest Gambler – Flash Fiction Story

A black and white image of a man, face not shown, in a sleeveless jacket holding a deck of cards

Reading Time: 2 minutes He was and remains the greatest gambler of all time. It wasn’t the way he held his cards or could read the faces of his opponents. There was a gilded edge to his talent, classic and beautiful, yet… Read More

I Only Say MEOW – Flash Fiction Story

The headshot of a man with the ears and face of a cat

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every time I open my mouth, I regret doing so. Apparently, I have no communication skills. All the money spent by my parents on the finest schools, a sheer waste. If they were still alive, I would’ve broken… Read More

Flash Fiction Story – Honorable Drug Lord

A man in a cap lighting a cigar

Reading Time: 2 minutes My father is a respected gangster. I’m just a pathetic thug. But I was born with credibility entrenched in my genes. I’m Simon Lobo’s only biological son. My father had other children, but they weren’t his. They were… Read More