How much Pretense can a Person Afford by Terveen Gill — Gobblers & Masticadores – Flash Fiction

A woman in black standing with her eyes closed and multiple white masks surrounding her

Reading Time: < 1 minute WELCOME TO TUESDAY FLASH FICTION at GOBBLERS & MASTICADORES! Who decides what’s real and what’s not? When does one stop the pretense and say enough is enough? There’s a limit to being strong. Beyond that it’s senseless. Live… Read More

An Earful of Suffering – Flash Fiction Story

Three abstract head statues made of stone with expressions of open-mouthed suffering

Reading Time: 2 minutes Huma listened to the leaves rustling to the song of the breeze. She would have pinned her ears to the tree if it would help drown the profanities and accusations. Afaf, her daughter, stood at the open window,… Read More

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