No More an Artist – Fiction Short Story

A side pose of a sad man with a white painted face and bowing his head down while holding the tip of his hat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sheebu Weds Sheffa The yellow, rectangular pieces of paper littered the desolate street. The warm breeze scattered them, arranging them in haphazard patterns before displacing them again. The wafer-thin bits were now worthless reminders of a wedding that… Read More

Pimped My Goddesses – Flash Fiction Story

The upper body of a woman covered in copper sparkly paint

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am the only color in a mass of black and grey. Orange shirt, green trousers, mustard shoes with purple laces. A cigarette hangs from my lips, unlit. I have no intention of lighting it. My lungs deserve… Read More

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