Short Stories Books on Amazon

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Tales of Betrayal

To view on click Five Times Doomed



Tales of Laughter

To view on click Five Pinches of Laughter



Tales of Human Lives

To view on click Five Faces of a Mortal


4 Comments on “Short Stories Books on Amazon

  1. Hi Terveen, I was checking out your books and am not able to purchase it on Kindle. Kindle is not available in our region, which is why I don’t get to read books there. Do you have it on any other platform? I read a little of 5 times doomed on the flip pages, and found the story a compelling read. Otherwise, like the rest of the writers who come to me for reviews, please send me a copy of the manuscript, and I will write a review for you and put it out on the social media pages. Keep writing!

    • That’s very sweet of you, Shobana!
      I’ll definitely take you up on this offer.
      Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule. It’s most appreciated. And there’s no other way but to keep writing. 🙂🙏🏼

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