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One Minute seems so insignificant when you think of time in a broader sense.

Yet one minute is the most common response when a person needs to buy more time.

Are you on your way? “Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.”
Could you help me in the kitchen? “Sure, just give me a minute.”
Turn off the television! “Okay! One more minute!”

One minute may just be sixty seconds, but every second is a valuable unit of time. And the importance of ONE MINUTE truly shines when a short film has to fit into such a tiny span of time.

STATIC is my first attempt at framing a short story into a One Minute time slot.

This short film portrays how a young girl connects and disconnects from the world around her. Music gives her wings to rise above the static that surrounds her. But is she the only one hounded by the static?

Find out by watching this One Minute Short Film.

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