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Writing can be a fantastic journey…the highs, the lows and the Oh-So Sweet ‘WRITER’s FLOW’. It’s magical to be in sync with your thoughts and imagination. Every story that you write is actually a real world created in another dimension. Have you ever wondered whether the characters you create actually do begin to exist somewhere? It could be that as soon as you write them down on paper, they actually come to life in a tiny realm upon some planet known as ‘Writer’s World’.

If such thoughts do come to you, then you’re either writing like a maniac, possessed by the ideas swirling in your head OR you’re just plain crazy. (That’s tough…)

Being dedicated towards anything is a major challenge, but staying true to it, and not letting it consume you is even tougher. Have you ever seen a writer who’s in the Writing Zone? Yeah nothing short of a zombie with a creative bent of mind. (uuunnnnnhhhh!!!)

Consistent and dedicated writing not only makes you a better writer, but it could also lead to a few SIDE-EFFECTS.

In the CREATIVE WORLD, you’re writing about a man who has just survived a plane crash. He’s been rescued, but has lost a leg. When he returns home, he finds it difficult to readjust to his life, and accept that he must live without a leg. All the character’s emotions are pumping through you, and you can feel his pain.

NOW cut to the REAL WORLD. You’ve just finished writing a really difficult chapter, and you’re sitting down for dinner. Your wife thinks that you need to help out more at home. She suggests that you help her with the dishes after dinner. You suddenly feel a lump in your throat, and maybe a teardrop somewhere. You curse her in your head, ‘Selfish witch…I just lost a leg!!’ Then you leave the dinner table without a word, and lock yourself in your room.

It’s OK dude! We can feel your pain!

You’re having coffee with your sister at a really nice café. You’ve met each other after a month, and she’s telling you about her kids and husband. You’ve just finished writing a heart wrenching tale about a family that had to flee their home because of an epidemic that broke out in their town. The children are small, but their courage to survive makes them the true heroes of your story. You love all three of them, Sue, Emily, and David.

So when your sister mentions that she’s having a tough time with her three kids (your two nieces and nephew) because they have the sniffles, you can’t help but smirk. You mentally compare them to Sue, Emily, and David, and one loud comment leaves the conversation cold and dry.

‘Those kids are such crybabies! At least they have food to eat, and a bed to sleep.’

Take a deep breath! We know you love them too, kind of!

It’s 11 pm and you need to sleep. That’s the only way you’ll be able to get up in the morning, and continue writing for the rest of the day. Now, some of you may be part-time writers, so you’ll be heading to work first, and then returning to your writing jobs.

But, somehow sleep is the last thing on your mind. All you can think about is how Ria is going to save herself? She has left her husband for a younger man, only to be dumped by the younger man, and now has been kidnapped by some thugs. No! Ria isn’t your friend, sister, daughter, or enemy. She’s the main character of your new book. And the urge to push her forward, and see what happens is even too much for you to resist.

Count some sheep! We’d sing you a lullaby, but we don’t know any.

All you can think about is her slender body, and the way she curves in all the right places. When you touch her, she responds to all your requests, and obeys all your commands.

No…these aren’t some sleazy lines from some cheesy story. But, this is what you feel when you’re not sitting in front of your laptop, typing away. The separation anxiety is too much, and you need to be in front of your laptop before your heart breaks. Your laptop is your secret lover, and you can tell her anything without being judged. She’s a conduit for your words, ideas, and wisdom.

Of course, she loves you too. We doubt anyone else will.

It’s Saturday night, and you’ve been invited to the most happening party in town. It’s the hottest club with even hotter people. The night is young and the possibilities immense. But what do you do?

You choose to sit in your pajamas, and hammer away at your keyboard. Things are getting too intense to just get up and leave. The scene that is evolving in front of you involves a gangster, a nightclub singer, and a roulette table in a high-end casino. A sniper is positioned on the roof of a rundown building nearby, and is waiting to take his shot at the right moment. Now when there’s so much excitement in front of you, then why would booze and music interest you? That’s just so (yawwwwwn) boring.

Oh! You’re also a terrible dancer. We won’t tell anyone!

Keep Writing! May the IDEAS be with you!

8 Comments on “5 Side-Effects you may Experience IF you’re a Dedicated Writer

  1. Awesome… I think this is the best blog post so far.

    • Thanks so much!!
      It’s straight from a writer’s heart.

    • Thanks Ben. May the voice never be silenced.

  2. Dear Ms Terveen.

    I am suffering Side-Effect 3. I keep dreaming about my teddy when I’m asleep. What can I do?

    Frustrated writer

    • Dear Frustrated Writer,

      How about some deep breathing or counting sheep before sleeping?
      Or would your teddy be offended by this switch of behavior? I’ve heard that teddy bears don’t like their owners visualizing sheep while in bed.

      I hope you are able to convince your teddy otherwise.

      • Dear Ms Terveen

        Thankyou for your advice. I will talk to teddy and see if we can come to an understanding. I’m a little hesitant re the sheep idea. I tried it once (pre teddy) and the little blighters wouldn’t stop jumping over the hedge. I got to 2,000. It was an utter sheepmare……

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