Creative Writing! EUREKA! EUREKA!

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You’ve probably heard the Eureka story. You know Archimedes AHA moment, and him jumping out of the bathtub and running around naked.

NOOO!! Creative writing doesn’t suggest that you run around naked for better writing.

OH! You just want to run around naked? Well…stay away from me. WEIRDO!!

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A New Writer Upside Down in the Writing World

new writer upside down in writing world Reading Time: 2 minutes
Feeling Upside down?

Starting out at writing is a harrowing experience for a new writer!! The Writing World is not as clear as the REAL WORLD.

(**Wuh!! When did the real world become clear??**)


new writer upside down

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A Writer who doesn’t know the ABC of Writing

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you a writer who doesn’t know their ABC’s?

I don’t mean the English alphabets!

I don't know my ABC

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Don’t Judge a Writer by his Books

Reading Time: 3 minutes

No two people are identical in this world.

Not even identical twins are completely identical in their looks, natures, or intellects.

TGill Blog 16 pic 1

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Look MOM! I’m a WRITER!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Remember when you were growing up?

Oh! Too far back to remember?


Well…as a child you were at some point or the other looking for attention and praise. And the people you most sought it from were probably your parents.

Obviously when you’re young, siblings aren’t the right ones to turn to for support. They’re just about as confused as you are, and trying to always make you look bad in the eyes of parental authority. Keep on Reading!

The Dialogue between a Writer and a Writer’s Ego

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When in Rome do as the Romans do. (What do they actually do?)

When in Writer’s Land do as the Writers do. (Ok…this is even weirder)

Firstly, I don’t think there’s any Writer’s Land. Secondly, I doubt that there’s any code of conduct or any set customs that writers follow. Writers can be categorized under the Writer Tag, but do they actually fit into a group with common qualities and characteristics?

Suppose we round up about fifty different writers, lock them in a very large room, and give them about three hours to come up with a one thousand word article on ‘the most significant day of my life’. How do you think that would end? Keep on Reading!

5 WAYS to WAKE, SHAKE & BAKE the WRITER in you!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As a writer, one encounters many twists and turns, not only in the stories one writes, but also in one’s personal writing journey. A writer isn’t a person who just sits at a desk and writes from 9 to 5. A writer is a person who has no fixed timings, and harbors the capability to stand, sit, or even levitate anywhere to get the writing job done.

Creating alternative worlds, and portraying realistic characters, places, objects, and emotions isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHY, and HOW are some of the questions that have to be answered with conviction during the drafting of a story. Readers are an intellectual species, and they definitely want to be treated with respect.

If you try to pull a fast one by just throwing together some random ideas, and then dressing them up in some fancy words, you’re asking for a punch in the face. Keep on Reading!

Overusing words while writing: 5 times you should stop and think

Yellow tapes with stop written on them covering a hand with a gun Reading Time: 4 minutes

Finding words to use in your writing shouldn’t be such a difficult task, considering that there are about a quarter of a million distinct English words to choose from. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of writing, many writers tend to form a cesspool of certain favorite words. These words aren’t overly grand or alluring, yet they are sprinkled lavishly, and reappear after every few lines or paragraphs. Is the intense love for these words so great that the bewildered writer just can’t shake him or herself free from the throes of passion? Keep on Reading!

5 Side-Effects you may Experience IF you’re a Dedicated Writer

A woman in an oxygen helmet Reading Time: 4 minutes

Writing can be a fantastic journey…the highs, the lows and the Oh-So Sweet ‘WRITER’s FLOW’. It’s magical to be in sync with your thoughts and imagination. Every story that you write is actually a real world created in another dimension. Have you ever wondered whether the characters you create actually do begin to exist somewhere? It could be that as soon as you write them down on paper, they actually come to life in a tiny realm upon some planet known as ‘Writer’s World’. Keep on Reading!

8 Ways to Disconnect if You Want to Write Quality Fiction

Question marks surrounding an empty page and a hand holding a pencil Reading Time: 6 minutes
Writing fiction ISN’T EASY!

Ask anyone who’s ever tried their hand at writing a fictional story. I’m sure they’ll tell you that it’s a task to reckon with.

Isn’t it tough enough to deal with REAL people in a REAL world, and solve REAL problems?

Yes! It’s insanely tough!

Now think about creating an IMAGINARY world with IMAGINARY people, and having to solve their IMAGINARY problems.

Oh God! I think I need to lie down… Keep on Reading!