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When you’re a fiction writer, the world of imagination is limitless. After all, fiction is ‘imaginative writing’ with made up characters, events, places, objects, and themes. Anything and everything is possible in the realm of fiction. It’s up to the writer to turn, twist, and mash ideas together, and exhibit them in an interesting and presentable manner.

Talking dogs, flying cars, walking dead people, dying civilizations, the scope of fiction is huge and mind-boggling. It’s like walking into a candy store with about a million varieties of candies, and struggling to choose one that’ll satiate your taste.

Fiction itself is sub-divided into many genres with Romance/Erotica being the best selling genre. (For a writer allergic to romance…woe is me…)

Now I call myself a fiction writer. However, this is not enough information for the ‘Curious Joe’ that hides within all humans. So the next question that smacks me listless is…What type of fiction do you write?

Ok…wait a minute…did I ask you what type of stupid program codes you write…you snobby software developer.

But still, it is a valid question from someone who probably does not know the head or tail of writing, except that you must begin reading from Page 1 and keep reading till THE END. (Well done!)

As a writer, I can write many types of fiction. For me, writing is a job and the subject is inconsequential. And since my IQ isn’t that low, all it takes is some research and some deep logical reasoning to actually write different types of fiction with much conviction. And yes your writing style must reflect the subject you’re writing.

What good is a wordsmith who shirks from ideas and words?

And I truly believe that taking different qualities from different genres, and mixing them together (like a good cocktail) to produce a unique style of your own is also versatile writing.

But then again, self-doubt is the bane of existence, and a writer is at some time or the other sailing in a BOAT of QUANDRY. (I thought this ticket was for the LOVE BOAT)

And then there are many other writers and non-writers (yes…the common folk) who can actually convince you that there is no such thing as being versatile.

No…no…you can’t be versatile. There is no such thing. What do you really write? (And then their claws and teeth begin to emerge ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!)

Is there really such a thing as a versatile writer, or is it all just some literary hoo-ha?

Here are some thoughts that do confuse the mind of a versatile writer.

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So, I guess that we can (to some extent) conclude that versatility is a trait that is not  universally definable. Instead, it is dependent on the scope of a writer’s ingenuity.

If you think you’re versatile, or wish to explore the domain of versatile writing, then set aside your doubts and fears, and dive into some serious writing!

Versatile writing is a quality that can be developed!!

2 Comments on “Am I allowed to be a Versatile Writer?

  1. Versatility can be developed. I myself love the writer who can expand past the claws and teeth and still condense the form and way she writes into a few choice sentences that stun into speechlessness the listeners. 🙂

    • That’s such a creative form of expression. Yes, versatility can be developed. It’s about liberating ourselves from boundaries of comfort and awareness. I agree that words when given the right touch can be impactful and mesmerizing. Thank you so much, Jaya. I really appreciate your lovely comment. 🙂

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