Am I allowed to be a Versatile Writer?

Versatile writing is a quality that can be developed. Never doubt the ability of a writer’s creativity.

5 WAYS to WAKE, SHAKE & BAKE the WRITER in you!

Evolving as a writer involves following your writer’s instinct. Keep yourself connected to your WRITE side.

5 Phobias that Helped me become a Writer

Phobias aren’t the end of the road. They are actually the beginning of real living.

Overusing words while writing: 5 times you should stop and think

Finding words to use in your writing shouldn’t be such a difficult task, considering that there are about a quarter of a million distinct English words to choose from. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of… Read More

A newbie to writing: the emojis say it all!

It’s great to want to do something special in life, and be someone who is noticed and appreciated. Many people work towards traditional goals while others pursue their passion. Nothing is right, and nothing is wrong…it’s about choosing… Read More

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