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As writers, most of us have addressed the issue of heart break in our stories and books. Heart break can be portrayed in many forms, and is subject to many situations. It’s probably one of the most diverse forms of emotional turmoil that has ever existed from the time writers first began drafting their stories.

Broken hearts have not only found place in books, but also in art, songs, movies, and numerous forms of creative displays.

What’s so special about a broken heart that it has never ceased to gather an audience?

Are the heartstrings so capable of being tugged and pulled that we as humans can’t resist experiencing pain, even if it doesn’t belong to us? Or do we find it easy to relate to heartache as all of us have endured some form of it at some time in our lives?

Now setting aside the matters of the heart, how many of us have ever thought about an equally important issue…mind break. A broken mind does not seem as sad or daunting as a broken heart, but it is definitely an issue of despair.

Many writers have taken up this subject in their writings, but its impact has nowhere matched the gloomy glory of heart break. Is a broken mind not as significant as a broken heart? Do people find living with a broken mind easier than living with a broken heart? Are the two truly independent of each other?

Let’s take a look at a dialogue between the heart and mind, and try to understand this puzzling dilemma.

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Let’s give our minds the chance to be heard.

We may be able to recover from the broken heart syndrome, but there may be no return from a BROKEN MIND.

What do you think?

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