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Fake this, fake that…

He’s fake, she’s fake, everyone’s fake fake!

How many times have you come across the word FAKE in your daily life?

As time progresses, and lives seem to be getting more complicated, people have acquired a new label or characteristic – FAKE.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word FAKE is –

Claiming to be something that one is not.

In other words, if I’m a qualified engineer, but try to pass off as a medical doctor, then I can be labeled as a FAKE, because I’m claiming to be something that I am most certainly not.

Or, if I collect donations from people on the grounds of feeding homeless children, but actually use the money to buy myself a nice handbag and a pair of matching shoes, then I can be definitely called a FAKE. And probably some other nasty words as well…&@*!#*%

But, what if I portray myself as a very happy and cheerful person, someone who loves sunshine and colorful flowers. What if I laugh at things that seem funny to me, and crack jokes about topics that tickle my heart? What if I love myself, and love doing things for myself…who has the right to say that I’m not a happy person?

You’re probably thinking…NO ONE!! You have every right to be happy…

Way to Go!! More power to you!!

But what if my happiness is only limited to me. I’m only happy when it suits me.

It’s my joy or no joy!

If something sounds and looks good to me, then I’m basking in joy, otherwise I’m as mean as Hell, and crankier than a sleepy baby.

It’s time for a little story, come on…don’t roll your eyes, I’m NOT a bad storyteller.

Seriously! Stop rolling your eyes…

There once was a girl named Missy. She was happy and cheerful, but a flaw in her nature put her in a dilemma…










Can a person be called Fake when his or her own emotions are merely wired for his or her own well-being or pleasure? Could this sort of conceited behavior be called Fake?

Do we assume that since a person is only happy for themselves, and not for others that they are truly not a happy person at all?

Is Missy claiming to be something that she is NOT?

She is happy, and for all the reasons that make her happy. She never claimed that she’d be happy for the entire neighborhood. Yes, she could be called selfish, self-absorbed, rude, jealous, and ill-mannered, but FAKE…that’s something that needs to be thought over.

Today’s society is very merciless, for some good reasons, and for MANY NOT SO good reasons. We’re very quick to judge, and even quicker to pass judgement. And ever since the word FAKE has become ‘THE WORD’ to throw around and condemn people with, there’s no stopping it.

Could we all just step back, and look at the world with glasses that don’t reduce everything to REAL and FAKE.

Your real could be someone else’s fake, and vice-versa. By simply scratching the surface, you’ll never be able to explore the depths. And every person’s depth is their own territory to reckon with.

If someone gives you joy, pass it on.
If someone gives you pain, move on.

But let’s leave the REAL and FAKE to objects that don’t have a heart and soul unlike REAL human beings with REAL feelings.

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