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I woke up one morning. And they were gone.

Just like that. No goodbye. Or see you later.

How did I know?

The quiet.

It was perfect. Surreal. Delightful.

But I still waited. I had often been a victim of miscommunication. And silence was a big traitor. It often meant everything when least expected, and misguided those who let their guard down

But I was as alert as ever.

Five minutes to set my left foot down, and three more to bring the right one around. But the only sound was that of the creaking bed.

Could it be? I was finally free?

I tip-toed to the door and listened again. Nothing. Sweet music to my ears.

No. It was a set up. As soon as I opened the door, I’d find them outside.

Wanting. Needy. Ready to pounce on me.

Four minutes later, I stood in the hallway. My ears finding what my stupid eyes could not see. But they picked up nothing.

Oh, sweet lord. Nothing!

I jumped up and down, twice. Then shuffled off to the kitchen. It was as I had left it the night before. Clean. Organized. Prepared.

The dining and lobby were in my line of vision. There was no one there. Not even the morning paper.

Only coffee and me. Was this a dream?

I pinched myself hard and slapped myself once. Okay. I was definitely awake.

With a cup in my hand and a stinging cheek, I checked the other two bedrooms. Beds made, clean as a whistle. The bathrooms showed no sign of use. I even shouted at the top of my lungs.

‘HEY! Come and get me!’

Nothing. Haha! No one. Haha! Not a trace of anyone but me. HAHA!

That evening, I reported my husband and his parents missing.

The police might suspect me. That’s fine. I don’t know what happened. I’ll surely convince them.

There’s no return for those three. But just to be safe, I keep the gun loaded and hidden. It worked beautifully the first time I shot them.

I really don’t want to use it again.

I hope you can keep a secret. Thank you.

She grew up believing in fairy tales. Her hopes were high and bright. But cruel reality branded her A Failed Fairy Tale Princess.

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41 Comments on “And They Were Gone – Flash Fiction Story

      • I hope she did too. Or maybe she went for a more permanent solution.
        I think there’s some glitch in WordPress. Please just make sure that you can see your gravatar when you comment. I’ve had trouble with this too.
        Thanks so much, Fandango! 🙂

  1. Brilliantly told, and I loved the ending! You are full of surprises, Terveen! Love these short stories 💖

    • When life is full of twists, how can stories be any blander? Justice must be served. To more surprises…
      Thank you so much, Diana. 🙂

  2. I love your flash fiction stories with a twist, Terveen. Just my cup of tea. Here’s a tip for your heroine – not that I think she needs help, I have the sneaky suspicion she can look after herself… Bury the bodies and plant protected flowers on top, just so that it’s illegal to dig the site up. Not that I have ever done this myself. Looking forward to your next story.

    • I really love how you think. Inspires me to write a Part 2. Could be…
      Are you sure you don’t have prior experience? Haha!
      You would be a great partner in crime and rhyme. Thanks so much for the tip and your lovely words. 🙂

  3. The entire scene you created and the imagination that you forced us as a reader to go through was amazing. I felt i was there walking and watching every movement…kudos

  4. Hahaha I loved this. I was really trying to predict where you were going and failed. At first I thought maybe she was a hostage, then I thought for sure she was going to be attacked by her children. But it was much more fascinating than that. We learn so much about her from just a few sentences at the end. Great story!

    • This lady took no hostages. She just got rid of them. Lol. It’s a situation that involves her being hounded, and then eventually turning the tables around. Though murder may not be the best option. But in fiction, it’s so satisfying.
      Thanks so much, Tony. 🙂

  5. a murderous little tale; I though this might be a take off of ‘A Quiet Place’ but it took off in its own unexpected direction; well done 🙂

    • Haha! Something so alluring about murder. Could be its dark and secretive nature. Just get rid of them – but not a good real life solution. Until prison is the place to be.
      I loved ‘A Quiet Place’.
      Thank you so much, John! 🙂

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  7. Wow, I am surprised at the ending. LOL. I have to say domestic violence is doubling or even tripling during the pandemic when people coop together for too long. Sometimes extreme measure will be used. I know that one New York woman went crazy and screamed at her family until she broke down completely due to the fact that she had to work from home while her kids stayed at home for online classes too. So much time together is not a good thing for anybody.

    • I completely agree with you. And also sympathize with those losing their minds and control. Humans aren’t meant to be cooped up together. It’s just wrong and can trigger ugly reactions. I don’t feel the same myself. It’s just been a lot of mental stress. But I won’t resort to murder. Or will I? Lol. Hope not.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. Ahhhh, I now see. Lovely twist. Have I written that I’m glad I live alone….especially after reading this story. Haha. Great story, as always, Terveen. 😊

    • Haha. I see what you mean.
      Living alone has its perks and probably is safer. 🙂
      Thanks so much, Jeff for your wonderful add-ons. I really appreciate them.

  9. Intriguing, I loved the twists and turns and the ending. Fantastic !

  10. Nope. Do not tell me your secrets for I do not want to get involved and become another miscommunication you feel victimized by that therefore needs to be corrected with your hidden loaded gun.

    I saw nothing, I heard nothing, in fact, we’re strangers who never not once crossed paths, so you and I have no business and definitely no quarrels.

    A word of advise, though, should you plan on remarrying and repopulating the planet with young’uns, you should probably move to a place where no one knows your name and the gun laws are lenient (and a secret ain’t really a secret if you keep blabbing about it. Just saying)

    • Lol. I want to laugh and cry. It’s so good to have you back.
      I will reconsider revealing my secret to anyone and everyone. Of course, it loses its basic charm. And the gun…what gun?
      I thought you could take a joke or two. But I guess that’s some sort of miscommunication too. Now, what will I do with you? Do you want to hide or run?
      Or should I pretend that I simply don’t know you.
      Please help a gal in need. Pray that we don’t meet alone on a deserted street.
      My finger is on the trigger. Shhh….

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