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‘I don’t know them…’

‘Raj. Look at me. I’m Tina, your wife.’

‘Yeah, Dad. This is Mom and I’m Monty, your son.’

‘Raj, are you sure you don’t recognize your wife and son? No recollection?’

‘Uhhh, I have no idea, doctor. I’ve never seen them before.’

‘He’s lying. Raj, you’re lying. I see that twitch in your shoulder.’

‘Mrs. Basu, please calm down. Raj isn’t lying.’

‘What do you know, doctor? This man is always lying. Ask Monty. He’ll tell you.’

‘Whuh? Umm, I don’t know…’

‘Shut up! You’re just like your father. A coward!’

‘Mrs. Basu, this is a hospital. Please keep your voice down. Raj has amnesia. The fall…’

‘Doctor, ask him how he fell. Go on. Ask him.’

‘Raj, your wife wants to know…’

‘She’s not my wife. And I don’t remember what happened to me?

‘See, Mrs. Basu. Your husband’s entire memory has been wiped out. He will recover…’

‘How long will it take?’

‘It could be days, months, years…’

‘We can’t wait that long. Monty needs his father. I need my husband.’

‘I’m not your husband.’

‘Look at his shoulder. He’s lying, doctor. I swear on the gods and goddesses, he’s lying!’

‘Shhhh! You’ll have to leave now. Raj needs his rest.’

‘Dad! What about the car you promised me? This is insane!’

‘Stop it! I don’t even know who I am! Leave me alone…’

‘Alright. Let’s leave Raj alone. Mrs. Basu, please.’

‘Raj, I’ll be back in the morning. You can’t play this game forever.’

‘See ya, Dad.’

Cellphone rings.


‘Mrs. Basu?’


‘Congratulations, Ma’am! You’ve won the Bumper Lottery. Two crore rupees.’

‘What! O my God! Yes!’

‘Ma’am, drop by our office tomorrow so we can complete the paperwork.’

‘Of course!’

‘Bye-bye, Raj. Amnesia really isn’t such a bad thing after all.’

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